Happy Belated Anniversary to my Mom & Dad!!

Oh I feel so awful. Their 31st Anniversary was on Tuesday and it slipped my mind. My parents have taught me so much and put up with even more! They have always been 100% supportive of Mr. Superman and I and bailed us out countless times when we needed their help. We love you and Congrats!!



This is so crazy!! If you know me well you know that I get easily affected by small seemingly insignificant things but this is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!! I loved the Twilight series so much that when I saw this on my cousin's blog I had to spread the news! I feel awful for Stephenie Meyer whose hard work has been so disrespected.

If you didn't catch on, click on the giant word.

Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary!!

Our 'How to Make Marriage Work' idols

We would like to publicly honor and wish Nana & Grandpa a Happy Anniversary on their 55 years of wedded bliss. Although Grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago we know he was celebrating it too. We sure do love you both.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Official Announcement

So, as many of you already know Mr. Superman and I have been talking about uprooting our little family unit and gettin gone! Well, it is true. I know, I know we have so many friends and family here and Mr. Superman's school is here, and our (more like Mr. Superman's) jobs are here and I've lived here since.... well conception. The truth of the matter is that we are needed elsewhere. "Where are we moving to?" you may ask. Well here is the shocker. Hold your breaths and drum roll please... Mr. Superman and Mrs. S. are moving to UTAH. I know, I know *gasp*

Two weeks ago we got a devastating phone call from Mr. Superman's dad. Mr. Superman's grandpa (his mom's dad) had passed away in his sleep the previous night (9-9-08). Mr. Superman drove home, we threw our clothes into a suitcase, and got driving on the long road to Holladay, UT two short and very long hours later. We arrived in UT eleven hours later. We spent the week reminiscing with family, visiting friends, and trying to make sense of, and find peace and solace in what had transpired. As that week progressed we found our minds continually reverting to the idea of moving to Utah. We kept getting the feeling that we needed to be up there. I brushed it off as nostalgia and chalked it up to us just not wanting to head back to AZ alone with heavy hearts. The idea nagged and nagged though. As we went through our options and talked to many cousins and aunts, uncles and other family members, Mr. Superman and I decided it was more than us dragging our feet to come back to the valley. We prayed and came to the decision that we are moving, partly for us but partly because we're needed there. For some obscure reason, we are supposed to be there. I partly think it's the Lord playing a trick on me or trying to teach me a lesson. You all know how against ever living in Utah I've always been. It really is a beautiful place and we plan to make it our permanent home the first week of 2009.

Although we are so sad to leave my family, our many friends, our first house, and for Mr. Superman, the Arizona heat, we will be visiting often (I made Mr. Superman promise). We have this blog, our phones, email, and Facebook to keep in touch and we will expect you all to keep us updated as well! This is the official announcement, just though we'd let you all know!

It's about time!!

So we finally caved in and thought it was time we joined the blogging world. We are jumping in head first with eyes wide shut because we haven't the slightest notion of how to do it. We have so many friends and family who are geniuses with their blogs but we make no such promises. We will attempt at keeping you all up to date and perhaps a little entertained but any lack of grace, eloquence, creativity or inspiration cannot be held too long over our heads.