Our Week of Christmas

Do you remember when you were in elementary school, and there was always that kid in class who everyone thought was the coolest kid ever? The kid who always wore the coolest clothes and had the best food in his lunch. He had a hot mom who always made treats for the class. Well, Cody is now that cool kid. I have been making treats like crazy and always make sure there are enough to take into his shop. I made some peanut butter cream bon-bons, sugar shortbread cookies (the little round ones covered in powdered sugar) and a few days before Cody's Christmas break, I made a TON of sugar cookies. Cody's whole shop has been loving it and now Cody is like the cool kid in class.

These are from Christmas Eve. I made Cafe Rio's sweet pork, cilantro lime rice, and garlic tomato black beans. After dinner Cody cleaned the whole kitchen, did the dishes, then surprised me with White Christmas in the xbox. We both grew up with the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve and it was ALWAYS jammies! We decided before we got married we wanted to carry the tradition on.

Today, we slept in until after eleven (amazing!) then Cody out did himself and made an amazing breakfast complete with cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon. I was able to do my hair and put on my face then after enjoying his delicious creation, we opened our gifts. I was able to shock him with a blu-ray player and the new Dan Brown novel. Cody got me tons of movies and I got a beautiful pair of garnett earrings. We got lots of wonderful stuff from our families. Thank you everyone!!

Cody also got a ring and tie tac from Nana that had belonged to his Grandpa. That was an emotional gift but means a lot to him. Cody was extremely close to his Grandpa.

Tonight I made a brown sugar glazed ham with creamy mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. It was delicious.

We hope you all had a great time this Christmas. Love you!!


House Photoooos

We live in the middle of the forest.

I thought it was cool until I was outback and saw a freaking mountain lion. Now I feel like this

I seriously am terrified to go in my back yard. I open the back door and scour the area before taking out the trash. Its scary!

Here are the front and back of our house though. I love the front. Its so cute.


Some Pics of the New Casa!!

Our big dining room and our tiny table. We have big dreams for this fancy dining set. Hopefully in a few months :)

In March, when I was recuperating from my surgery my wonderful MIL bought me this set of beautiful serving trays. I got creative and mounted them on the wall. I have plans for the eating area but right now, this is it.

This is what is done in our front room. We love our fireplace and hardwood floors.

This is our room. Its the only one that is 100% completely unpacked, decorated, and clean.

Again, I had to majorly improvise with our closet. Luckily we have another semi-large closet in our office where we can keep all of our Sunday clothes and another one in the foyer for all of our jackets.

Finishing off the post with my handsome man in his blues uniform. He has FTAC training this week and has to wear his blues on Monday & Friday. Love him!!