Working on the Seemingly Impossible

Sources: Wikipedia, LDS.org

"Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, and/or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as 'to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt'.

The concept and benefits of forgiveness have been explored in religious thought, the social sciences and medicine. Forgiveness may be considered simply in terms of the person who forgives including forgiving themselves, in terms of the person forgiven and/or in terms of the relationship between the forgiver and the person forgiven. In some contexts, forgiveness may be granted without any expectation of restorative justice, and without any response on the part of the offender (for example, one may forgive a person who is incommunicado or dead). In practical terms, it may be necessary for the offender to offer some form of acknowledgment, apology, and/or restitution, or even just ask for forgiveness, in order for the wronged person to believe himself able to forgive.[1]

Most world religions include teachings on the nature of forgiveness, and many of these teachings provide an underlying basis for many varying modern day traditions and practices of forgiveness. Some religious doctrines or philosophies place greater emphasis on the need for humans to find some sort of divine forgiveness for their own shortcomings, others place greater emphasis on the need for humans to practice forgiveness of one another, yet others make little or no distinction between human and/or divine forgiveness."

I know my own religion teaches us that we must forgive. For us to be the people we are supposed to be, forgiveness is not only mandatory but a key to us achieving our full potential and true happiness.

Forgiveness is, for lack of a better word, hard. I'm not talking about getting up with out hitting snooze hard or working out every day and avoiding that cupcake hard but really, genuinely, my life has been altered and I am horribly affected daily, how can I possibly forgive, hard.

I'm trying. I am. Some days its a little bit easier to grasp the possibility while all the rest its simply unfathomable. I saw this video and it inspired me. Its beautiful. Please take a look.

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” --Catherine Ponder

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” --Mahatma Gandhi 

"Somehow forgiveness, with love and tolerance, accomplishes miracles that can happen in no other way." --Gordon B. Hinckley



I love all these little videos these days!
I hadn't watched this one yet.
I always think of Pres. Faust speaking of the shooting in the Amish school and how quickly they forgave the shooter and reached out to his family, even sharing with them the donations they received from the community. What an example of forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling really hard with forgiveness right now. Thanks for this post.

Ashley said...

I really love this. If I say anything else, I may ruin it ... so, I'm going to leave it at that. <3

Mel said...

Keep trying...All those quotes are true, so just keep trying. No one can judge you for trying to forgive. When it's hard, sometimes it's a process.

Stay strong.

Jordan Cole said...

Forgiveness is hard...hard hard. I think in everyone's life they will battle with forgiveness. That video, wow. It was amazing, goosebumps and tears. You have had some amazing posts lately.

BryceandWhit said...

Oh how I love this video. I have watched it once before and I cryed the hole time. Heavenly father forgives us on BIG stuff, so little things in our lives should not be hard to forgive. Thank you for posting this. They just talked about this in church today also!

Mama Steele said...

Forgiveness is hard in some instances. I have been working on forgiving someone for most of my life...and when I think I'm there- something happens that brings it all back again and I realize that I am still working on it. It would help if the person I need to forgive was actually sorry- but that never happened. But I think that I'm closer than I was and at some point, I will really be there. My anger is more for what this person did to others than to me and how much I feel responsible. Hang in there- keep working on it and don't give up. You have a lot of love and prayers aimed in your direction!
And BTW- I have been really homesick for you and Cody lately! Carrie too, but I know I'll get her back on Saturday! Love you guys!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing this =)

Forgiveness is hard, really hard...but often you don't realize what your missing out on until you forgive (or at least that has been my experience)

Sarah said...

My pastor from my home church did a FANTASTIC message about forgiveness 2 months ago. It's a really great...addition (?) to your post. You can listen to it here: http://www.daystarcf.org/podcast/index.php?id=99 I think I may need to listen to it again too. =) I miss my home church.

KelseyC said...

I saw on a Nat Geo documentary (no judgements!) that many in the East believe forgiveness is the highest form of strength. Your post reminded me of that. And I liked it. Good post. Thank you.

Stephanie said...

oh man your mormon me too thats so great!