Update via Pictorials

Here are a few photos to show our escapades during this month of October. Cody taking my camera to work/class, fantastic Air Show, a few random snapshots, hanging with some cute kids, hanging with friends, Thai food for the first time, costume Bunko, the usual :) Enjoy lovelies.

My adorable husband builds bombs.

He loves it.

You've gotta have a passion right?

On our way to the Air Show.

Big ol' plane.

Even bigger!

Cody thinks these planes look extremely angry. I agree.

Yeah, I couldn't get a wide enough shot to include my husband AND the massive engine. I went for the cuter of the two.

Going in!!

The "innards" of the afore mentioned plane.

Cute husband, old plane.

Common sense?

I wanna fly!!

Common sense #2

Its crazy we saw this thing take off

I love this guy.

The old man who owned this plane was so cute in his old school pilot's jumpsuit.

On our way to Dallas to pick up my parents :)

Random snapshot exhibit A

We're goofy, we know, that's why "we" work!

In the short while I was gone, Abby lost her teeth....

Aiden got even cuter....

AND a too cool for Chelle attitude. Haha just kidding, he still loves me although he DOES ask for Cody every time he see me.

Jalen broke her wrist.

Watching Monster's Inc.

Classic tongue photo: check

Smile: check

Kissy lips: double check

Jacob made an AIR FORCE ONE rocket for scouts because of all the stuff he's been hearing about Cody in the Air Force. He did such a great job and painted all the camouflage by himself.

He won first place!! Great job buddy!

Aiden wearing Jacob's Halloween costume mask. Masks freak me out and this one's especially bad.


The smiley chunkster baby Colton!

Love his face :)


Davey took me to eat Thai food. I was skeptical but it was unbelievable! So yummy!

I subbed in for Amber's Bunko group. It was costumed and was a blast!!

Now I only have one more weekend alone without Cody! Only 8 more nights and 9 more days!! I CANNOT wait to pick him up from the airport. SOOO stoked to have my husband back full time. It's going to be great.

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