Sleepover with Jacob

So a couple months ago, we had Jalen and Abby spend the night and Jacob felt so left out that I promised he could have a sleepover before we move. When its just Jacob with us, he is the sweetest kid ever and we had so much fun.

Movies, Pizza, Uno, Wrestling Oh My!

We had so much fun and are sure going to miss his smiling face!!


Long Time No Blog... Again: PICTURE OVERLOAD

So it seems as if it has been a really long time since I last blogged but that could be because so much has been going on. I decided that as I sit at the airport, I would blog and attempt to catch up on the goings on in our lives.
Treated to dindin by my bestie Erin at Kona Grill.
Christmas shopping with Amber and Aiden made a break for it to the toys.
Catching my boo thang loving baby time as much as me. He's gonna be such a good papa.
Babysitting for Jared and Katie. Tanner is the biggest sweetheart, he loves bein a big brother and he is so good at it!
Play time with our favorite White's!
Play time with our favorite White's!
Play time with our favorite White's!
Play time with our favorite White's!
Play time with our favorite White's!
We have so much fun with them and have been trying to squeeze as much time with as possible into the short amount we have left here in AZ.
Aiden loves his "Untle"!
Pouty lips.
Princess Abigail!
His favorite word, "YEAH!"
Alright that's it for this one. More to come I promise!!


Muy Pequito...

I think that means very little. That describes our lives right now. At least the bloggable stuff. Mr. Superman is working and trying to finish school strong. He is so looking forward to being done and having a semester break. I've got to be honest, I am too. I'll actually be able to see my husband and we might actually be able to spend some time together and have real conversations. Not seeing each other really does take a huge toll on both of us as individuals and us as a whole. We are moving in less than a month. The nerves have really kicked in high gear. I try to stay busy but it is tough to not let everything get to me. Christmas is drawing nearer every time I look at the calender and it surprises me how fast time is just flying by. I'm still working on our greeting cards, newsletter, and family gifts. It's a lot to undertake and I am so glad I didn't do this last year. It is sooo overwhelming. That's about all that is going on right now. Just staying busy and spending time with loved ones. Hope all is well with you. Love you all!



Hey all! We hope everyone is doing fantastic. Thanksgiving has come and gone yet there is still so much to be grateful for so be sure to share your love and thanks with your family, friends, strangers, and most of all our Heavenly Father.
We don't have a whole lot of festive decor but I put up everything we do have and it makes me all jittery with excitement. Yes, as some of you already know I didn't even wait for Thanksgiving to put it up. I just couldn't wait! I took pictures of what we do have just to show how proud I am!
I was lucky enough to be able to go and help my mom on Saturday for a few hours to put up her expansive spread of Christmasy decor. Mr. Superman joked with her and said she had more boxes of decorations than we did in our whole house when we moved. Then she said we were almost done and he said he didn't think she would ever run out. It was a fun day especially since I spent it with my mom. My dad and Aaron were in and out all day too and then I got a real treat. Jared and Katie brought Parker over for me to watch while they went to go do some Sealings. He was such a good baby. I snuck a few peeks at Loverface with him and he was absolutely loving him as much as me! Good daddy practice babe :) That night we took Amber and Jeff's 3 older kids to go see Madagascar 2 which Mr. & I loved. We laughed so hard the entire time. Much harder than the kids.
I finally got hit with the nasty flu bug everyone else has been handing back and forth for a month now. I got it right after the movies on Saturday night but am feeling decent today. Not better, but able to keep food down now. Alright here are the pics!