Our Lovely Abode...

Here they are. Pictures of where we now reside. I love our front room. Keep in mind, the red is not really that bright. Its a deep red. Like dark cranberry. Ha, here they are.

Those brown curtains I already had but I found those two panels of sheer red ones at Walmart for 10.00$$. Unbelievable! I then hand stitched them to the back of the brown ones. That red rug we found at Ikea and purchased it with the gift card from Robyn.

These are the fantastic chairs I found on Black Friday at Kirklands. Unbeatable price and I adore them!

This is our entertainment set up. Isn't that clock so pretty? My mom made it for me :)

This is the couch I found in AZ for 300. Its so comfy and I love it!

These first three our of our tiny and cramped, yet fabulously utilized and loaded closet. I had to improvise for all our scarves, belts, and ties by putting in my own hooks and our shoes are triple and double stacked but it works!!

Cody had those frames custom made our first Christmas together. I love them! That is also our little vanity/sink. I like it because its separate from the shower and toilet which are closed off on the other side of that door.

I am absolutely in love with our bedding. Our room is pretty good sized which is fantastic.

Here is our little kitchen. Its pretty ghetto but it suits it purpose.

These are the table and chairs my parents bought us as part of our wedding gift. I ended up painting them black and sanding them to make them look antiqued.

This is the fabulous coat rack/shoe chest Cody built. He modeled it after the ones Amber and Ginger have that they found at Quilted Bear before it closed up. He cut and put together the wood while I panted and sanded. I love it!

There you all have it. I left out the bathrooms and spare room cause they aren't cute yet. We miss you all!!


See that shine??!

Well probably not but its there! The shine, my dear fellows is sweat! Ewie I know but its from a good healthy work out. Here in the apt. complex we have a free fully stocked gym and an indoor heated pool. We have as yet to utilize the pool (shaving my legs in the winter is more of like a once a week thing, and I don't currently fit into my swimsuit) but we have been using the gym. We kinda whimped out over the weekend but have come back full force. This is our second week and although it wears me out, I feel great about myself afterwards. My goal is to be healthy and 100% comfortable with and confident in myself. I am on my way!!


My Birthday!!

Yep, I'm one of those people. The one who tells all about their birthday and shares all the pics. Partly because it was a big one (although I feel no different), partly because it was my first one out of AZ and away from friends and my family, and partly because I had a great day and I looked pretty freaking cute. So here goes.
I woke up to a voicemail from my mama singing, "Happy happy birthday daughter dear!", that one got saved in the archives for sure. I also had a bunch of "Happy Bday" texts which made my smile even bigger. I then showered and got ready and then Mr. insisted I open his gift. I did and its amazing!! Its a camera and I love it. He is too good to me. Robyn then picked us up and we went to lunch where Nana met us. Great food, good company, and no one sang to me. It was fantastic. After lunch, Robyn took us on a tour of where the Palmer and Losee families grew up and got their starts. That was fun.
We then went to the movies, which for all you Arizonans, Utah does movie theaters right! They are massive, super nice, the actual theaters and screens are MASSIVE, the seats recline and there are numerous restaurants and things inside of the theaters. To top it off, listen up people,
We went and saw Bride Wars and Bedtime Stories which were both fantastic. Afterwards, we stopped by at Nana's for a quick visit then went to Olive Garden. After that we had cheesecake!! I just want to say thanks for all the texts, Facebook comments, calls, gifts, cards, and love!! I had such a good day.


Some fun pictures :)

So I finally was able to put some pictures onto my computer. Not because I finally found some batteries or my camera cord, although I did find those. My boo thang got me a new camera for my birthday!! I was badly in need of a new one and its perfect! I ran across these from our last few weeks in AZ.
We thoroughly enjoyed our last meal at our favorite place ever Pete's Fish and Chips. I eat the chicken don't worry! It's in Mesa and I introduced Cody to it on his last birthday and he instantly got hooked like me.
These are more snaps from New Years. The other ones I had to hijack from my sister.
Our last family party in AZ.
We love our Spencer!
Lunch with my mama and Grandma Burnham the day before we moved.


Some Major Catching Up

Lots and lots to catch up on. You do have my apologies right now. So much has happened and there are lots of pictures. Here we go!!
Visiting my dear Amelia. Isn't she lovely??!!
Twelve nights of Christmas with Grandma Burnham. We took her to the temple lights.
Mr. admiring his Christmas present. We opened each others gifts before jetsetting to Utah for the actual holiday.
Burnham Family FHE Christmas Party. Jalen talkin to Santa!
Just a few of my many many cousins. The lovely Lynn Burnham family sharing their musical talents.
Baby Parker
Cute girlies Jalen, Bailee Rae, and Abigail.
Abby girl!
Cutie tootie Aiden was terrified of Santa but once I showed him he'd get a candy cane, he was all for it. All Santa got was a high five and knuckles but it was enough.
Kevin and Whitney on Christmas Eve and our new neighbors!!
My love and I on Christmas Eve.
Robyn, Chris (cousin), Cassidy, and Carrie. Visiting before Christmas Eve dinner.
Mr. and I playing in Nana's backyard.
The picture doesn't do Nana's yard justice. Everything was all white and the lights made everything so sparkly. It was so pretty.
Waaaay too early on Christmas morning.
Katie and Cassidy waiting for their presents.
Us girlies right after bundling up to go play in the snow on Christmas night. Snow bunnies!!
Mr. Superman, Katie and I after The Nutcracker and dinner set out for some shopping then Temple Square.
New Year's Eve with the White's.
Dance Party!!
So smiley!
And poppers!!!
We had a blast this last December. We got to spend lots of quality time with family and the first week of January was eventful albeit very stressful. We've moved and we're here to stay. We miss you all and love you very much!!