A Few Brain Momentos

Now that Mr. Superman has been gone for over a week, my brain is starting to very very slowly, begin to process things again. 

I'm already at the point where I have those moments of "This sucks HARD. How the H am I supposed to do this?" and others where I think "Oh okay, one more day down, I can do this." 

You all know what I'm talking about. 

Some days are serious, stay the H away from me because dude, I'm on the edge of losing it days while others are sappy, so full of love and pride for my babe days.

I am so excited for letters which I don't think will be happening anytime soon but I am still unbelievably stoked.

Here are just a few of my little brain gems turned a little more creative. 


Where's Waldo?

Not really. More like Where's Mr. Superman?

Here is the link to a few pictures and captions about the troops who deployed from Moody.

I could only see about half of it but I spotted his bald little head right off the bat.

Its strange the things that make me smile and make my heart skip now that he's gone.


The Countdown Begins

Well, its done. He's gone. Even up until the last minute, it didn't feel real. Its still sinking in. 

Currently I am driving down the I-10 headed back home to AZ. Its surreal. 

He got a huge kiss, a smack on the butt, and a "See you later baby". 

The last few days have been amazing albeit hectic and we enjoyed every second we had together. 

I'll be MIA for a bit since I have about 2,000 miles more to drive but thank you everyone for all your sweet words of advice and concern. 

All you Lovelies make my heart smile.


Sleep Like A...

Rock. Ah... if only.

Sleep is something my body obviously has issues with. I have tried all sorts of natural remedies, over the counter sleep aids, and I finally went in to get Ambien from my PA only to have it make me horribly ill. I can't fall asleep without listening to an audiobook and when Mr. Superman is gone, sleep is more than a lost cause. Yoga exercises and deep breathing used to help (I'm talking three years ago) but now its just yoga exercises and deep breathing.

The last two nights, Mr. Superman has tried to be extra helpful in helping me fall asleep by wishing me a goodnight in a creative way.

Sunday night came and as we were crawling onto our air mattress (all our real furniture is in storage), he said his normal "I love you's" and "Sweet dreams." He added in a "Baby, sleep like an angel okay" and it just melted my heart. Monday morning came and he asked if I had indeed slept like an angel. Upon hearing that my answer was, "Not really" he let me know he'd have a different sleep wish that night. Sure enough, last night found us again in bed and giving our goodnight kisses and saying our "I love you's" and as I was curling up under the blanket I heard Mr. Superman say, "Please sleep like a koala tonight. They are really cuddly and soft and really good at sleeping."

He just makes my heart smile. I'm quite looking forward to what he has to say tonight.


September 11th

I know its not the 11th but I wanted to share my most recent guest post on here for those who may have missed it from Saturday on Life As a Cajun Bombshell's blog. Here it is in its entirety.

I was super excited when Cajun Bombshell asked me to be a guest blogger and even more grateful when she kind of directed me towards my topic. The hardest thing about writing for someone else, at least for me, is picking the perfect topic and being able to write in such a way that is not only relatable but in a way that hopefully, touches at least one person. That being said,  I’d like to thank the cutest pregnant blogger ever for giving me the opportunity to write for her.

Today is September 11th. I think for anyone in America and probably far into the reaches of the world, seeing and hearing this date brings back very vivid memories. Memories of where we all were when we heard the news. Along with those triggers, seeing photos brings tears to countless eyes and a cold chill to our bodies.

It will forever be the day that terrorists struck the heart of America and dared to challenge the greatest nation in the world.  

It is the day that started it all

You know the “all” I’m talking about. The “all” that is the reason many joined the military and the “all” that causes us to be apart from the men (or women) we love more than life. Without the events of September 11, 2001, would we currently be fighting a war? Would we be saying, “See you later” way too many times to our loved ones? I can’t answer these but I do know, that 9 years ago, I never expected to be doing what I am doing today.

I was 13 years old when it happened. I was up early as usual getting ready for school when I heard my mom holler down to me to come watch something on the news. It was when it had literally just happened and there was still so much confusion. It was before they knew that it in fact was not an accident. By the time my brother and I arrived to school, the televisions were on in every classroom and there wasn’t too much loitering going on. It was eerie to see empty hallways and hear hardly any chatter. By the time first period started, the words terrorists and war had begun to be said aloud. It was terrifying. I was on the complete opposite side of the United States from the attacks but I was affected. 

Every single person in this country was affected whether they realized it at the time or not.

I think the one year mark of 9/11 along with probably the second and third I still felt very somber. I always felt a dull ache in my heart for those who had lost loved ones and those who had selflessly given their own lives to try and help others. I listened to all of the patriotic songs and got teary eyed. My patriotism swelled bigger than before but I think it would be safe to say that unless it was the few days leading up to or few days following the anniversary, I didn’t give immense thought to all of it. 

Fast forward to last year. Last year on September 11th, I felt it. The anger. The pride. The terrifying realization that we (my husband and I) were now an integral part of it “all” hit with the force of an 18-wheeler. Mr. Superman had recently graduated from BMT and was in Texas attending Tech School. Even though he wasn’t officially out in the working military world, I knew that sometime in the relatively near future, I would have to face the idea of seeing my husband load onto a big white bus to go fight a war.

Today is September 11th. Even though I knew and expected this day would hold meaning for us, I had no idea that it would extend beyond anger at the evil men responsible for starting this war and a fierce pride in my country and every single person serving in our military, including my husband. I am currently on the horizon, brink, and dreaded deadline of saying, “See you later” to the man that I love more than anything in this world. I am just a few days off from having to see him walk away from me and load onto a big white bus to go fight a war.

How am I feeling? Nervous, anxious, sad, and scared are definitely at the top of the list but do you want to know what else is up there? Gratitude, pride, and inspiration. What incredible men and women we have serving this country. They are doing the job that most are not willing to do. They step up, day after day, without being asked because they want to. How awe-inspiring. I am beyond proud to call myself the wife of a United States Airman and have such gratitude that he is a part of my life and grateful that he knows his duty and does it willingly without an ounce of complaint.



You Ain't Nothing But a Winner

Well Lovelies, its that time. 
Time to announce the winner of the fabulous A Touch of A Hero giveaway that is!

Congratulations to Jessica from Me, Him, and The Army!!

Please email me ASAP to claim your prize!

Thank you to all you lovelies who entered!!

Go Boost My Ego

(Just a note: I do realize its the 12th not the 11th but this is posting late. Sorry!)

I'm not trying to toot my own horn but I was asked to be a guest blogger for the cutest pregnant AF wife ever

I worked really hard on it so go help my head swell and read it, love it, and you know, think about it. 

Cajun Bombshell

All joking aside, today is a day that is somber for many. 

Please say a prayer for all those hurting from losing loved ones and for all of our brave heroes still fighting.


The Mil-Spouse Weekly Round Up #1

Hey ya'll!
I am so stoked its Friday. Seriously.
It is also the kick off of a great new meme called
The Mil-Spouse Weekly Round Up
Riding the Roller Coaster had this fabulous idea last week about doing this Friday link up for Military Spouses/SO's and sharing our favorite post from the week. We are all busy and have lives outside of blogging so this is a great way to guarantee that we are all able to visit each others blogs at least once a week.


Instead of sharing my favorite post in the link up it'll be this one which is a sort of smattering of odds and ends. 

If you are new to my blog, get comfy and go visit some of our pages. Its a great way to get to know us. 

I have also had some absolutely fabulous Guest Bloggers recently so get caught up with them as well!

My current giveaway ends September 11th at noon EST so if you haven't entered that yet, get on it!

I posted my very first video blog or vlog if you will yesterday so if you wanna see me all awkward, take a gander!

And lastly, I wanted to share our incredible pre-deployment photos.
I know a good chunk of you have seen these on Facebook but I just had to share them on here too!  
Our photographer was phenomenal and extraordinarily generous with her time, talent, and services. 
Even though it was raining, and we were drenched from sweat, we had a blast and all of the photos turned out perfect. 
The gnats were annoying but the fabulous photo op with the moving train made up for it and the fact that she totally got us and was able to make Mr. Superman smile a genuine smile, made me love her all the more. 
Be sure to check out Jacquelynn's portrait blog, website, and Facebook page!!
And to Jacquelynn, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how much this meant to us. Thank you!!

Happy Friday! 
If you're part of this military blogging community, head over to Riding the Roller Coaster's fabulous blog to link up your favorite post of the week!


(Mil)ing It Over: Intro Vlog

Hey there Lovelies! 
I was invited by the fabulous Jenn from Chances I'm Taking to be a part of this great new project called (Mil)ing It Over and today was the launch! 
Here is my first video blog introducing myself. 
Be sure to check out the other fabulous ladies involved and keep a look out for more!

Meet the Ladies!

The One Without A Title

Here's a smattering of my thoughts, feelings, and apologies. I know I've been given awards and have been tagged several times and I do apologize for the lack of acknowledgment and follow through, I just can't summon the energy. I also have been reading blogs, just not commenting because that too takes time and energy. I have received little gifts, cards, emails, letters, texts, and shout outs from so many friends and readers. I am by no means ungrateful it just all comes back to my zero energy and follow through. Thank you everyone for thoughts, kinds words, prayers, and just everything. We had another incident hiccup curve ball thing happen yesterday that has thrown us both for a loop and its making this deployment about a million times harder for both of us. We're trying desperately to find the silver lining but I think its going to come down to pretending or using a crayon. Now its time to wrap up my ever so formal ramblings and let these other somethings do the rest of revealing on behalf of my clogged brain. 

This is the one that explains my thoughts and emotions roller coaster. ALL over the place.