Wordless Wednesday: Love(rs) Edition


Guess What?!

I think the blogging God(desses?) know how much I've been needing pick me ups lately so I've been so lucky to win some great giveaways! The one that made my day yesterday?

Getting these two beautiful people in my mailbox! Courtesy of Mrs. Muffins of course. Thanks again lady!

I'm currently wishing desperately to win this fabulous giveaway hosted by my blogging BFF

Not only is she phenomenal but so is the fact that CSN is having her host this sucker. 
Go check her out and be sure to let her know that I sent you!

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

Don't worry, I am still alive. I received quite a few texts, phone calls, emails, FB messages, wall posts, and blog comments from so many lovely people wondering if I was okay, where I was and when I was coming back. Thank you. You all are so sweet and caring.

To be honest, I hadn't planned on doing much of anything yesterday and then something infuriating happened with our internet company that made it impossible for me to do anything even if I had changed my mind. All is well now. We have internet back and I am fine.

The doctor's appointment was long, stressful, and draining. I saw so many sick people yesterday it just broke my heart. Its going to be hard having this doctor. We got there bright and early and left at nearly noon. Neither of us got much sleep the night before. I don't know if it was good or bad that I was feeling pretty awful the first time I met my new doctor. I had had an extraordinarily bad nosebleed before dawn, followed by a semi slamming into my brain migraine accompanied with the ever so friendly dizziness, vertigo, and nausea. Thank heavens I kept down my poptart and stayed vertical. At least while I was there. They took a lot of blood. I mean a lot of blood. I have an appointment next week for an MRI and one about 12 days after that for my gene testing. That my friends, is going to be a blast.

I only allowed myself five minutes of tears in the car. Mr. Superman's grabbing my hand and saying, "Let's go home baby girl" triggered it. He is so good to me. So very very good. 

Its currently pouring rain. Well it usually is by this time of the day. The clouds roll in by 2 or 3 PM and the thunder starts shortly after. The rain is next and usually keeps going until 10 or 11 PM. I love the rain. The smell, the sight, the feeling of it.

Guess what guys?


Not Me!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday
Need a pick me up on this dreary wonderfully sunshiny Monday? Want to feel better about your week of "I so did not's!"? Go check out MckMama then you silly goose.

Earlier this week I most definitely did not burst into tears upon hearing that Mr. Superman found my heavenly and delicious 5 cheese shells with an alfredo marinara sauce creation "Okay." That is something an emotional wreck in need of validation would do, not me.

My body most certainly did not wake me up at 4 AM after working my first Sunday. I did not toss and turn for two hours before finally giving up at 6 AM and sneaking out so Mr. Superman could continue to sleep. That is something someone who is beyond nervous and scared for their very first Hematologist appointment would do, not me.


Um, She is my Blogging BFF/Loverface

Okay so most of you already know Nicole
You know, from Flip Flops & Combat Boots
If you don't know her, then scoot your little booty over to her place and CHECK her OUT!

She is oh so FABULOUS. She is super popular and cool too. 
Cool enough that CSN is having her host a giveaway for them. 
Um how do I get in on that action??
Go HERE to check it out. 


make sure you let her know I sent you. 

Love ya'll forever!!


Something a Little More Serious

Sorry folks, not too much humor was found in our house this week so I have bowed out of Pillow Talk. Nothing horrible has happened. Its just been one of those weeks that dragged, stressed, and exhausted. 

I know I've been needing to update on my health and such, mostly regarding my HHT but I just barely got around to calling in all my referrals. For those who don't know, I was diagnosed with a blood disease. Its called hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) and it used to be called Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome. For most people it doesn't really affect them but for me, it has created a lot of health issues, complications, and is progressively getting worse.

I meet with my new Hematologist/Oncologist on Monday. I'm apprehensive about walking into the cancer center. I know there are so many people in the world suffering terribly and who are so ill that even just contemplating walking in there with a head full of hair and in a relatively healthy state (in comparison) makes me feel overwhelmingly guilty. 

I had a long phone conversation yesterday with his head nurse and someone who will be involved in my care. She was calling to get as much information and medical history as possible. Between my anemia, hypoglycemia, and HHT she noted I'll be a handful. Upon hearing about my stomach issues, cholecystectomy, partial appendectomy, laparoscopies, and my misscarriages and ectopic pregnancy she let out a low whistle. 

We talked about infertility, the pain -physical and emotional- that comes from losing precious babies, and the struggle to balance life after gaining the knowledge of, "You'll never have kids." She was sweet and sincere. She said, "There are other ways to have kids." I know. We know. 

She then asked for family history of cancer and heart problems in my immediate blood relatives extending to grand parents and their siblings. She first asked if there is any history of skin cancer. Yes. Breast cancer? Yes. Lung cancer? Yes. Heart attack? Yes. Heart murmur? Yes. I told her my paternal grandfather passed away with no warning while walking out of the gym. We speculate a brain aneurism or heart failure. I told her my paternal grandmother's brother has had cancer but I wasn't sure which type. My maternal grandfather had Parkinson's disease. I let her know I may be surgical again but won't find out until I see my OB in July. She asked if I knew much about HHT. I told her I had just done my own internet research. My dad and his sister have varying degrees and my dad hasn't really been affected since he was a child. I let her know I have never spoken with my grandmother about it and didn't really know anything other than my aunt was able to tell me. She questioned me about my symptoms and asked if the degree of severity has increased or decreased over time. Definitely increased. Nosebleeds every day. If I'm lucky I'll only have one a day and it'll only last 15 minutes. I cough up large blood clots and experience vertigo daily. I pass out. Luckily I have never hit my head. Mr. Superman is always there to catch me. My migraines never fail to make me feel as if my head is in a vice grip or as if an anvil has just dropped onto it. The lights and sounds make me nauseous but my head ct came back completely clean. No medication has ever worked. I'm looking forward to getting ANSWERS. 

She let me know that its something the doctor would talk with me about but just from hearing what I had to say, seeing my labs, and reading reports from past doctors as well as my current PA's on base, my degree of HHT indicates my increased probability and risk of liver failure and/or liver cancer, kidney failure, heart disease and/or heart failure as well as my blood cells doing a bunk, mutating, and shutting down my organs. I had read about all of this but didn't ever think too much about it. If my HHT were to continue to worsen, since their is no cure or really any treatment, this stuff usually hits early-mid thirties. 

Last night Mr. Superman and I talked. I apologized for being so broken. I then asked if he ever worried. "Not really. Well, not yet. You're tough. You're resilient. You always bounce back. Nothing keeps you down for too long. Plus you know I'd kill you if you died." I promised I wouldn't die until we have a child. It was a serious talk but not TOO serious. We'll find out a whole lot more on Monday and see what and if anything can be done. 

I also have incredible faith in my Heavenly Father. He will never give me more than I can handle. I trust and believe in him and the path he has set before me. Life is life no matter what stage or realm it is in. Complaining does nothing but make the situation harder. I pray and have others who pray daily on my behalf. I have people conduct special fasts and place my name in the temple. I am surrounded by so much love and so much faith that it would be tantamount to stupidity and ignorance to not trust, know, and believe in Him. I'm not terribly worried either. 

Come what may and love it. 

Fabulous Giveaway!!

Okay so most of you already know about Nicole

You know, from Flip Flops & Combat Boots

She is AMAZING. She is super popular and cool too. 
Cool enough that CSN is having her host a giveaway for them. 
Go HERE to check it out.
make sure you let her know I sent you. 
Love ya'll forever!!


MilSpouse Friday Fill In

I ran across this fabulous new weekly meme over at Riding the Rollercoaster's blog (check her out she is amazing!) and got it from the creator Wife of a Sailor. Seriously great idea! Fill in your answers then head back over to Wife of a Sailor's page to link up and discover even more fantastic MilSpouses (and significant others!)

1. How did you and your spouse/significant other meet?

This is a LONG story but if you want to read my shortshort version, go HERE. Its answered in my Dear Mrs. S. page. Let's just say I was a bit of a hooker lady (Mr. Superman says dirty pirate hooker) and was dating his roommate. I use the term dating loosely but yeah... I'll just leave it at that.

2. What is the best thing about being a MilSpouse?

The support! Seriously the support group I have surrounded myself with is PHENOMENAL! Not to mention being married to a man who serves selflessly to protect our country and those unable to protect themselves makes me incredibly proud. 

3. What is the hardest thing about being a MilSpouse?

The loneliness. The heartbreaking silence and overwhelming sense of "alone".

4. What is your favorite dish?

Oh man anything Italian. Cheesey, pasta-y, sauce-y dishes with way too many carbs feed my soul. I also LOVE guacamole and some good Mexican food as well as Asian and Thai!

5. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?   

Hypocrisy. I think a vast majority of the worlds issues would be resolved if there was no hypocrisy. No hatred, no judgments, no war... Think of the possibilities.

Amazing Giveaway!

Okay so most of you already know about Nicole

You know, from Flip Flops & Combat Boots

She is AMAZING. She is super popular and cool too. 

Cool enough that CSN is having her host a giveaway for them. 

Go HERE to check it out. 


make sure you let her know I sent you. 

Love ya'll forever!!

Incredible Giveaway!

Okay so most of you already know about Nicole
You know, from Flip Flops & Combat Boots

She is AMAZING. She is super popular and cool too. 
Cool enough that CSN is having her host a giveaway for them. 
Go HERE to check it out. 
make sure you let her know I sent you. 
Love ya'll forever!!


I lost 2, Gained 2, and WON!!

I would like to thank the Academy... 

Okay who am I kidding, I'm not THAT big of a deal. I mean in the last 15 hours alone I lost two followers. I can't lie, I cried. That's not surprising though. Things to make me feel better? Two NEW followers, only one of which I have "met". If you haven't introduced yourself, do!! I love reading and following my readers in return! Also the fact that I won! Now onto what I WON. Well hats off to Navy Doll for creating and hosting this fabulous contest and also to Rambling Military Wife for nominating me! Yes, yes as a lot of you know, I was nominated and because of your amazing voting skills, subsequently won Best All Around Blog!
Thank you.


I have won a fabulous Uppercase Living decal and some great Avon skin cream. Once I get it in the mail, I'll show you guys pictures with it settled on my wall!

Fabulous Thursday Five!!

Thursday Five

It's time for a little Thursday Five action!
To play just post 5 things that have made you

Totally Stoked
Then go back to Mannland5 and link up yo!

1)  I am Grateful I didn't throw up at work last night. It would've been ewie. 
2) I am Thankful for my job even though its sucky suck no fun.
3) I am Totally Stoked that my BFF Brighteyes is coming July 22-27 
4) I am Delighted that the plug got pulled on Mr. Superman's TDY due to prepping for deployment for the base. 
5) I am Happy about awards! So thank you Nicole. You my love, are the bestest. 

Five things I [heart] Mr. Superman, my incredible family, good friends, food, and cream soda.

Five blogs I [heart] Mr. & Mrs. Top Gun, G.I. Joe's Wife, The Sand is Different Here, Star Spangled Stockings, and Navy Doll.

Happy Thursday ya'll!



Awesome Awards!

So I am so late on posting this first one which I received from The Annoyed Army Wife a while back. I didn't forget I am just uber slow. Sorry. I know two other bloggers awarded it to me as well, but I can't remember who it was. Let me know if it was you, and I'll add your name on the Awards Page :)

Since this is from a couple weeks ago, I think its made its rounds so I won't be passing this one on. I also received this beauty from Flip Flops & Combat Boots this morning.

The rules for this one is to say 10 things about yourself then pass it on to 10 people. Lets see how well I do eh?

1) I have had every color of the rainbow in my HAIR. Not once was it ever a joke. Call me a creative teen.

2) I named my car two days after purchasing her. She is a Ford Explorer XLT and my graduation present to myself in 2006. Her name is Cadence Avalee.

3) Mr. Superman lets me know how utterly OCD I am. I canNOT, I mean CANNOT wash just half a uniform. He doesn't wear his ABU tops except in the car to get on and off base. They come home just as clean as they leave but I can't just wash ABU pants. I wash whole sets no matter what.

4) I thoroughly enjoying organizing and cleaning. Weird I know but its even more fun when its someone elses stuff.

5) I haven't seen my natural hair color since I was 15.

6) I was really sick and on Vicoden on my wedding day/first honeymoon and on a breathing machine and had pneumonia on our real "second" honeymoon to California. It never fails. Within two weeks of us going anywhere for some sort of trip or vacation I get sick. Bronchitis, cysts, surgery, pneumonia, miscarriage, vomiting, stomach flu.... Name it I had it and it was most likely right before vacation.

I can't think of anything else to share. I want to pass this onto a few Sugar Dolls of my own!

Mrs. Ma'am at My Life As An Air Force Wife
The Mrs. at Wrong Turns and Lessons Learned
Amber at Goodnight Moon
Katie at Diary of a Disgruntled Marine Girlfriend

Thank you to both of you lovelies who awarded me!!


I'm a Lucky Duck


I was so flippin' lucky to be nominated as Best All Around Blog and I am so stoked and giddy! Click the button below and the voting is at the top of her page. 

Navy Doll

I will continue to love you all forever. Not only is it a huge honor and just so fun, look at all the fabulous stuff I could win!

You should stick around on her blog too. She is fantastic!

Not Me!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This week, I most definitely did not threaten Mr. Superman and proceed to give him double titty-twisters until he spilled his guts on where he had hidden my last few cream sodas. I most definitely did not go all Middle-Eastern Torturer on his butt when he refused to tell me. Now Mr. Superman hasn't gone through Intimidation and Interrogation training but that man has skills. At the thought of losing his nipples, he never caved. I certainly did not give up after a short 30 seconds upon realization that my man had me beat. That is something a weak and unstable woman with crazy addiction and cravings for cream soda would do, not me.

National security crisis averted. I found my cream soda.

What did you not do?


Happy Father's Day!

Fathers Day Pictures, Images and Photos

First off, Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there! All those away from their families and those families who have lost their husbands and fathers. My heart goes out to you all. 

Happy Father's day to my papa. He is an incredible man and such a fantastic example. He put up with SO much from me. Love you! 

Now Happy Father's Day to my loverface, my baby love, my best friend, my husband, the daddy to our ANGEL BABIES, and my Mr. Superman. He has taken care of me from the day we met and has been my sole source of comfort in the loss of our babies. He has stood by me, dried my tears, held my hand, and held me. He showed his innate sense of caring for little ones. He is SO good at it. From the time I tricked him into holding Aiden at just a few hours old, he hasn't stood a chance.

He allows me the honor of loving him, despite my quirks. 

He has stayed sleepless nights at hospitals and made me laugh in spite of the reasons for being there.

One day, when we are blessed to have living angels here on Earth to call our own, he is going to be the most incredible and phenomenal daddy ever.

I love you Baby Love.