Words Of Wisdom From Mr. Superman

In the last couple of days, I've been able to have some good conversations with my husband. A few of those were clouded with emotions and stress from things we have going on and one of the times, I just burst into tears. He always knows just what to say to make me feel better.

Him: Baby, its okay.
Me: *Sniff*
Him: If it helps anything, I heard there were a lot of insurgents killed today. That should cheer you up.
Me: Ha, yeah that's always good news.

Another conversation was us itemizing things that we are in dire need of. The thing at the very top of the list is a new computer charger. They run about $75-$80 and this is the third one we've had to get in a short amount of time, so its getting frustrating.

Him: Just go into the Apple store, locate the nerdiest guy in there and you know, do your thing.
Me: My thing?
Him: Yeah, your thing. You got a free charger last year by doing it.
Me: Oh you mean, my flirty, cleavage thing?
Him: Yeah! Go for it.
Me: Your mom will probably be with me. That's kind of weird isn't it?
Him: On second thought, find the chubbiest guy in there and maybe wiggle your butt.
Me: Okay. I'll try my best.
Him: That's my girl!

Geeze I love that man. Even with the awful pixelized quality of Skype, I just live for those moments when I get to see and hear him at the same time.


A Bit Late

Lindsey from A Day in the Life of a Marine Corps Wife asked me to do a Thanksgiving guest piece for her. You can go leave me love here or for you lazies, I'm re-posting it. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

How The Superman's Eat Their Turkey

I don't know if you know this or not, but we haven't always been the Superman family. Shocker, I know. Technically, Mr. Superman has always been The Man of Steele, but me? I used to be A freckle faced strawberry with the last name of Organ. People always ask, "Like the piano?" and I always respond, "No, like the heart."

Thanksgiving for me, has always held a very special place in my heart. From a very young age, I looked forward to that extraordinary Thursday, every November. It may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I got to stuff my chubby little freckled face full of incredible food. When I was still very young, it was a time that I got to get together with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins at the park. There was always tons of food and lots of laughter. My mom's side of the family is BIG and LOUD. Both of those are rather bit of an understatement. We usually would swing around and visit my dad's mother and sister as well and it was my dad's mom who got me hooked on and in love with sweet potatoes.

As I got older, and consequently, the rest of my extended family all began to grow up, get married, and started their own families, the Thanksgiving gatherings grew smaller and smaller to where now, instead of all 10 of my mom's siblings and all of their families coming, its dwindled down to a meager 4 or 5 families who still attend and come to enjoy the food, company, and the annual, sometimes competitive, volleyball game. My grandpa has passed away so its my grandma who we all flock to as the anchor of the family. Even though she has very few lucid moments where she knows who you are and which of her children you belong to, she is still the gentlest, kindest, most maternal person I know.

I also remember looking forward to my special task of making the gravy every year. My parents always get their turkeys smoked in a deep fire pit that is put on every year by the Scouts in my church. Its always the most deliciously moist turkey ever. My task was to take the turkey drippings and with my mom's help, make an incredible gravy to go with the rest of the feast.

Once I got married, I never once thought that my Thanksgiving's would change. Naivete? Maybe. Was I dreaming big? Straight up.

Our first year together as a married couple, we split things between my family (immediate and extended) and his family (immediate). We did lunch with mine, pie and afternoon meal with his family, and then a late dinner again with my family. Mr. Superman knew that Thanksgiving had always been one of the days that means most to me and since he happens to not care for turkey or pie too much, he was all for making me happy.

Our second year together was spent doing just about the complete opposite. We had arrived to Georgia two weeks previous and were over 2,000 miles away from everyone we knew and loved. We were in a brand new house with only an air mattress and our suitcase. We received a call the night before notifying us that the semi truck with all of our possessions would be arriving Thanksgiving morning. We spent the day moving furniture and unpacking. Mr. Superman knew me well enough that he was able to tell I was rather down about not having a normal Thanksgiving. He ran to the store under the pretenses of picking up toilet paper and came back with turkey, gravy, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes and a pumpkin pie. This is why I love that man. We cooked our feast in the microwave and then ate off our our finest china paper goods. We wrapped up the night watching a movie on our mattress in the living room and telling each other what we were most grateful for.

This year, I could have never guessed that I would be spending Thanksgiving back on the Western side of the United States or that my loverface would be over 8,000 miles away from me. It is what it is though and we are determined to make the best and most of everything. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with Mr. Superman's family in Utah, enjoying great food, good company, and amazing, cold weather. I couldn't send a feast to Afghanistan but I did make sure to send my love some of his favorite snacks and a new book to keep him company.

Despite life happening, people growing up, and families and traditions changing, there is a universal truth that has always been and will continue to remain constant. Thanksgiving is a time to recognize the good in everything. Yes, we should always be grateful and thank God for our many blessings but I love that there is a day, specifically dedicated to that purpose. Its also a time to remember why we are all able to be here in this country. Very brave and courageous men and women gave up their lives and homes under threat of death, crossed the ocean, and started anew. People have fought to become and remain free. Hundreds of thousands of people are still fighting for that same purpose, including my husband. This Thanksgiving, I will be thinking and praying constantly for these wonderful souls who are so selfless and giving and thanking my Heavenly Father for all that He has given to me. Even though I know our family may not always be together for normal traditions, I do know that we will always be eating our turkey, wherever we may be, with our hearts full of gratitude and love.


Words Of Wisdom From Mr. Superman

I started this little meme a few months ago back when I thought Mr. Superman would be around to keep proffering his bits of wisdom and humor. The last one was about his dreams of having a come over some day. Nice. You can read it here. Every once in a while when he isn't too rushed in his emails his sense of humor still shines through. Today's Thanksgiving email made me smile.

"I was woken up about an hour early because there was a C130 gunship giving some insurgents a happy thanksgiving nearby."

"I hope you eat until you have a food baby..."

Then there are the things he says that just make me miss having him around.

"I hope you have a stupendous days sledding baby.  Have fun in the snow and don't freeze your tush off!"

"As far as getting stationed somewhere cold, I'm not really down for that.  I'm freezing my butt off here and its only cold enough to see your breath.  You may call me a weenie but I don't even care." 

He is a weenie but I love him. 


Some Bits of Thankfulness

First and foremost I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ along with the knowledge I have of Their love and sacrifice for me. I don't think I need to explain why.

Right on up there is my wonderful husband and best friend, Mr. Superman.

There are many things he brings into my life that I am grateful for but his love for me and his innate sense of doing nice things for others has got to be one of the tops. I sent him this pretty little Christmas tree so he could be a little more at home in his box room.

Yesterday he said, "I got your tree! I have it all set up and everyone is loving it." My response? "What the frick is it doing in the group tent and not your box room?!" He calmly went on to explain that this way, everybody gets to enjoy its homey, cheerful presence. I may or may not have responded with, "I don't care about everyone else. Now I have to freaking send you another one so you can enjoy it in your box room too." I know, I'm so kind.

I am grateful for this
Believe it or not, I am grateful for this deployment. It is such a learning experience and is making us stronger than we could have imagined. It also means I have a selfless, courageous, giving husband who loves serving his country.

I am forever grateful for emails that say things like this, "There was one part of his talk that spoke directly to me.  It is a little piece of knowledge that I cling to, especially in recent times and struggles.  It is that the Lord will not give us more challenges than we can handle.  It is without a doubt that I believe this to be true." and this, "I will always be yours, no matter what bumps we may face in the future.  Our hearts and minds and souls are far too interwoven for us not to move forward together."

I am grateful for my eternal family. Not just the one I have built with Mr. Superman but for all of my family.
(I'm pretty sure I got everyone at least once. Oh geeze, I hope so.)

I am grateful for friends. Old and new, bloggy and otherwise. You are all such wonderful blessings in my life. Thank you.

I am grateful, oh how I am grateful, for our Angel Babies.

Then there are all of the little things that I am so thankful for like cute clothes, steady pay, books, internet, electricity, cheesecake, tampons, lavender bubble bath, make up, cinnamon candles, lotion, my Mr. Superman bear, Hobby Lobby, thrifting, glasses.... I could name a million things and never be close to fitting it all in. I am just so grateful to be alive, married to the man that is perfect for me who loves me with a love I often feel I don't deserve, with a strong belief system that will never fail, apart of a massive family that loves my husband and I for the people we are, and living this crazy military life that I wouldn't trade for anything. I am thankful.

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. And let peace of Christ rule your hearts, to which indeed you were called in the one body. And be thankful.
Colossians 3: 14-15


A Refresher Course in Lovelies

I just finally had a chance to sit down and update all of the Lovelies pages and thought with all of the new followers who may or may not be familiar with them, I'd re-post them. Its also for those who may have changed their domain or blog name but I haven't caught it yet.

The first picture will take you to the post that explains it all and the rest of them are pretty self-explanatory. Just find your branch and go view the list to make sure you are listed and listed correctly.





Happy almost Thanksgiving!!