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This just made my day.
Quite possibly my week.


So Much Easier In Theory

I often wonder how deeply rooted human nature is in all of us as individuals.

We're here on Earth in every bit of its imperfect existence, struggling to get a grip on the reality that surrounds us. It is indeed necessary for us to grasp that reality but an even more critical part of the equation that allows us to attain some semblance of peace, contentment, and happiness, still remains. We must not only strive to reach that goal but as we do so, its absolutely mandatory that we not get sucked into the realm of uncertainty and doubt that fights so strongly to deter, confuse, and break us.

Even if there is but an ounce of honesty in your heart, you must keep forging ahead no matter how rough the obstacles may be. To not do so would be tantamount to the defrauding of yourself and others and the knowledge of that regret will hang over you for the entirety of your life.

I do believe that giving into a small bit of that human nature we all have in us, giving into that nagging voice in your head that seems to be undeterridely taunting you, is just as vital as pushing through whatever doors seem to be closed to you and your flickering hope.

We are not expected to have all of the answers and we most certainly are not held to the impossibly high standard of being stoic and indifferent to whatever turmoil may be plaguing us. We are not expected to be anything but ourselves while trying our utmost to remain close to our own hearts.

Without all of the dark and twisted roads we are required to travel, there would be no reason for us to continue to learn what we can and glean every bit of insight and knowledge possible.

If you feel as if you can no longer stand, if your legs are weak and shaky, it is time to fall to your knees. Showing emotion is not a flaw. Tears are nothing to be ashamed of but instead things to be admired. If you break down and the flood gates of emotion unhinge themselves, it is not a time to duck and run. If your heart hurts and you can no longer feign complacency, it does not mean you are feeble or irresolute or desultory.

Quite the contrary in fact.

If you begin to falter, it simply means you have been too strong for too long. Moreover, if you are no longer able to dissimulate or advertise your counterfeit opulence, it simply shows that your heart beats, hurts, and loves.

My heart hurts.


Happy Hearts Day!

I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day.
Its not because I was bitter growing up without a boyfriend
or because I hate chocolates and lovey dovey crap.
Truth is I wasn't bitter growing up,
at least not about lack of boyfriends and
I most certainly do not hate chocolates or lovey dovey crap.

Last year, I participated in the amazing Riding The Roller Coaster's Valentine's Day Blog Swap and wrote all about how I feel about this day on Mrs. Muffins blog and also shared this little gem. I thought I'd re-share what I wrote then and adapted for this year, because it still applies.

When contemplating what kind of Valentine’s themed post I’d be writing up, I continued to draw blanks over and over and over again. I’m one of those girls, who growing up, only cared about getting the candy and the one or two Looney Toons or Batman Valentine’s cards from her crushes. All the others would get the candy or stickers detached from them and the valentine itself would get chucked in the garbage bin. I was the girl who woke up to find a cute pink cup with hearts on it, stuffed to the brim with message candy hearts and a card from my parents, every year. 

I was also the girl, who as she got older, started to care less and less about Valentine’s Day because it was so over saturated and completely commercialized. Not to mention that when I was dating age and had boyfriend’s, I got flowers and gifts all the time so Valentine’s Day just wasn’t anything too special.

Now that I’m a married woman, and have been for a few years, nothing much has changed. Mr. Superman and I have been together for over five years and I can honestly say that I don’t remember much of our Valentine’s Day’s as a couple. In fact, last Friday as he was getting himself all ABU'ed up to go to work, we had this conversation.

Him: I still don't know what to get you for Valentine's Day.
Me: I told you, I don't need anything. If you insist, just get me some macaroons. Actually never mind, I can't have macaroons, order me some AS chalk paint. I want to paint the antique vanity with it.
Him: Alright, get me prices.
Me: Ok. Its not like you're going to be here anyways. You'll be on 14 hour shifts that whole week.
Him: Sorry about that, maybe you'll get lucky and I'll take you on a date that weekend.
Me: If its a choice between the date and the AS chalk paint, I'll take the chalk paint.
Him: I don't even remember any of our Valentine's Days. Well, I remember that one where I surprised you and came home early.
Me: Yeah we were dating then. You drove down from school to surprise me but after we had dinner, we ended up babysitting your sisters all night.
Him: I think I purposely blocked that part out. The next year...
Me: We were married and--
Him: Broke.
Me: And the next year we were in Utah and--
Him: Super broke.
Me: And both of us had just gotten laid off.
Him: The next year we were poor but not broke.
Me: Yeah that was our first year in Georgia and last year you were gone.
Him: And we were still poor, just from 8,000 miles apart.
Me: And this year... We're still poor and won't see each other.


Me: You know, we don't really do Valentine's Day very well but we sure know how to do "poor".
Him: And "broke". Sorry but we have at least 3 more years of poor.
Me: Please, you know I don't care at all. Just get me some paint or a new Dremel attachment and I'm happy.

He and I do a pretty good job the rest of the year, showing our love for each other and spoiling one another with the occasional gift, night out, and unexpected surprises. Last year, I sent him a box to Afghan Land full of cards he could open when he "Needed a Hug", "Wanted a Laugh", was "Missing Me Most", and when he had "Had a Rough Day." The box also had conversation hearts because he loves them along with Bottle Caps, Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Hugs, and a slew of other really bad for him goodies. For his part, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, some body wash, bubble bath, bath salts, and chocolates.

If he hadn’t been deployed and if I hadn’t been living in Arizona away from our military life in Georgia, none of this would have taken place because to us, its unnecessary. We love each other mucho mucho, there’s no doubt, but we also both know that our money can be better spent and for us, we don’t need a specific day to spoil each other or say, "I love you" a million and one times. We do that every other day of the year. 

We definitely plan on doing as my parents did and making it a day of "show your love and appreciation to those around you" and probably give our kids some treats, but other than that, it’ll be just another day in the Superman household.  

When I hear people stressing out about whether or not their significant other is going to get them this or send them that, I chuckle and shake my head. When I read on Facebook about how someone loathes this day of love because they have ‘nobody special’, I think its a shame. For me, its just another day and investing so much time, energy, and emotion into it seems a little ludicrous but more power to anyone who thinks otherwise. 

For us, its not "Happy Valentine’s Day!" its, "Valentine’s Schmalentine’s, I love you enough every other day of the year. We don’t need images of a short, fat, winged man in a toga carrying a bow and heart shaped arrows to remind us of what we mean to one another."

I'm still waiting on that AS chalk paint Lovelies and as for Mr. Superman... I got him new running shoes two weeks ago. It was more of a "You need running shoes so let's get them and they'll be your Valentine's gift" thing more than anything else so there you have it.

What about you Lovelies, how do you feel about Valentine's Day? Do you go all out or just ignore it?


No More Excuses

I'm not fat.
I never have been fat.

I've had ups and downs in weight but never more than 15 lbs and like I said, even then, I wasn't fat.

I was shapes.

In high school I played basketball and danced.
I was in shape, I had fun, but I still had insecurities.

If only I knew that once I turned 17 my metabolism would go on strike and it would be a struggle from then on to stay healthy. Its a sort of vicious cycle, being out of shape and not having a ton of energy to exercise so staying the same and enjoying my carbs, butter, and sweets.

Well after years of making excuses and only having short spurts of being healthy and in shape, I quite literally have NO MORE EXCUSES.

Its a health thing.

Those who know me know about my HHT and after last year my hematologist told me flat out, I HAD to get in shape and start eating a little healthier. Nothing like a bunch of tumors and failing kidneys to scare you into a lifestyle change.

For me, diets and restrictions FAIL.

Forcing myself to stop eating everything I enjoy and making myself eat a bunch of stuff I don't enjoy FAILS.

Every time.

As of right now I've just cut out soda and most caffeine. I mean, come on, I still gotta have my chai! I am having smaller portions about 5-6 times a day rather than snacking my butt off and then eating way too much of an unhealthy thing once a day. It is super tough because I make sure I am on the same schedule as Mr. Superman. If we aren't mostly synced up on being awake and asleep at the same times, we NEVER see each other. We get in bed between 2 and 4 in the morning and are up by Noon at the latest and he takes off for work about two hours later. Its tough to get a good healthy meal in together and once he's gone and its just me and the puppy, I have a hard time finding motivation to eat healthy meals all on my lonesome. Cold cereal, pepperoni's, Ranch Doritos, and Mac & Cheese are always what seems easiest and yummiest to my tummy.

It stops here though.

Thank heavens for Pinterest because I found simple and easy exercises and workouts that I can do at home that will help me get my shapely butt firmed up and bring my six pack back.

And food? I already LOVE oatmeal and Cream of Wheat. I prefer wheat over white and I adore spinach, avocado, lean chicken and tons of fruits and veggies. Its about moderation and smarter choices.

Tonight for example, I was craving sweets and desserts earlier and instead of eating eggnog ice cream out of the carton, I got creative.

I started out by peeling and chopping an apple, opening a bag of frozen raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, mixing some coconut milk with some vanilla, a tablespoon of heavy cream, and about 3 tablespoons of Cream of Wheat. Oats went at the bottom of my bread pan, I put in the apples and berries, poured the coconut milk mixture over them and covered the top with a ton of whole oats that had been mixed with cinnamon and nutmeg. This amaze-balls concoction got baked at 350 for 30 minutes and is now in my BELLY!

So yummy.

Hopefully soon I'll be a little less shapes and a lot more healthy.

Et Le Gagnant Est....

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I'm Nearly Catatonic So I Can't Think Of A Tittle. I Mean Title.

If you know me, at all, you know I adore Kristen Bell. I mean WAY beyond girl crush level. This love grew exponentially when I was living with my sister in AZ during Mr. Superman's deployment. See, I met this amazing person name Nikki and she changed my life. Partly because she's almost too awesome to handle but mostly because she got me HOOKED on Veronica Mars. I don't know how I loved Kristen Bell so much without having ever watched an episode of Veronica Mars.

Another thing I am obsessed with is sloths. Oh my word I hear the word sloth and I freak out.

Well Lovelies, let me share this too good for description clip I just saw. I am just dying laughing all while having tears streaming down my face.

Thank you Nikki. Thank you Ellen. Thank you JessJess for posting this. Thank you Kristen Bell. Mostly, thank you sloth.