Fabulous, Oh So Fabulous!

Last week, thousands of you read all about Baby Daphne, the miracle of her life, and when Baby Daphne returned to Heaven. Early last week, I contacted several vendors and business owners asking if they would sponsor the miracle of Daphne's life and in return, I'd host a giveaway for them.

The first to respond was the incredible Jessica who is the genius woman behind Jewelry by Sebastian Design. I ran across her Etsy Shop a while back from another blog and immediately fell in love. She makes the most wonderful custom hand stamped jewelry and much much more!

Now for the details!

Jessica is generously offering this fabulous dog tag necklace to one lucky winner!

This is the description of the necklace from Jessica's Etsy Shop.

"This beautiful custom necklace includes a dog tag hand stamped metal tag, your choice of charm, chain, and Swarovski. You can choose a quote, name, multiple names, or an initial; I never charge more number of characters stamped!"

Now the rules to enter are very simple. Go visit Jewelry by Sebastian Design on Etsy and then leave a comment telling me which piece of her's is your favorite!  

EXTRA ENTRIES: (Be sure to leave me a comment for EACH one)

Like Jewelry by Sebatian Design on Facebook
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Jessica also recently launched a deal a day site that is amazing! Talk about total steals! It's called The Local Giving Tree and is just awesome. Go check it out!! If you make a purchase from this deal a day site, send me your purchase confirmation and you will get 5 extra entries!

This giveaway will be open for 1 week. You have until Midnight PST on February 6th to get your entries in! Good luck and a giant thank you to Jessica!


An Angel Has Her Wings

Early this morning, surrounded by her mama and daddy, Baby Daphne Dawn Reading returned to Heaven to be with the loving God who put her here on Earth.

When Danielle told me about her passing, she said, "She's just so beautiful and peaceful." I know she is too. She has the kind of peace that only comes when we are again back in the arms of Jesus.

The number of lives she entered and hearts she touched can't be counted.
The strength and will of that baby girl is to be admired.

Against all odds, Daphne made it to 19 days old (today).

The prayers of thousands proved that when hearts full of hope and faith come together before God, He shows us His infinite love through miracles.

No one can say why God chooses to do things the way He does them.
That's why He is God.
He can see so much more than we can.
Hearts can question but that only makes it more difficult for our hearts to let Him in

I know that for me, the past two weeks that I have allowed myself to just SEE the miracle of Daphne's life, I have been able to FEEL God.

About 10 days ago, I was feeling all consumed by sadness. I kept thinking, "Poor Danielle and Drew." I asked Mr. Superman how such innocent, perfect, beautiful little souls like Daphne could be given bodies that fail. Why? What he said has been stuck in my head since.

"It's not our job to ask, "Why?". It's our job to trust. You can feel sad because it is sad but don't feel sad for Daphne. She is the lucky one. She gets to be surrounded by love and prayers but when the time comes, she will not have to stay in such a terrible place. Daphne won't ever have to grow up watching this world and witnessing the awful things people do. She is so lucky to get back to Heaven where whether we realize it or not, we all wish we could be more than anything."

He's a smart man that husband of mine and even though its hard to let that thought, that TRUTH, stay at the forefront of my mind, it is the TRUTH.

 Daphne's Miracle

God sent a angel to the Earth...The sweetest angel too  
And for such a tiny little thing, she had so much to do.

She knew she did not have much time upon this Earth to stay,  
She did not waste a single second; she got started right away.
Her eyes were bright and sparkly, she took in every turn.
She did not miss a single thing, because Daphne came to learn!

God sent her here to touch the hearts of those He could not reach,
She taught them courage, strength and faith, because Daphne came to teach.
Her tiny little body was so full of God above,  
You felt it when you held her, because Daphne came to love.
In 19 days she managed what many never will.  
When she went home to Jesus, her purpose was fulfilled.

She learned and taught, loved and played, she taught her lessons well.
I know God is so proud of her. She's now truly home to dwell.
But when you miss her OH-SO-MUCH, you can almost hear Him say,  
Please understand, her work was done...
Daphne did not come to stay.

If you have cards, letters, or anything you wish to send to the family, I can be contacted at

rachelleorgan @ gmail (dot) com

At this time, the family is not in need of monetary donations and would like to extend their immense gratitude for everyone that has shared their story and continues to pray for them. 

I will continue to have this badge on my blog. Even though Daphne has her wings now, her life and story can continue to change the world and touch countless hearts. Please join me in continuing to spread Daphne's miracle.

George Strait Said It Best... Just Give It Away

I'm here with ANOTHER fabulous giveaway!!!

I know, I know, I'm amazing

A while back I was contacted by a lovely lady by the name of Kate. As I read her email, I got more and more excited about what she was saying.

Do you want to know what its all about?!

Okay, I'll tell you. 
In a minute. 

First, let me ask all of you Milie Lovelies who have been through a deployment with their loverface a question. 

How many times while you were separated by duty, oceans, and several thousand miles did you wish you could just see their face and hear their voice?  

How many times?  

If you're anything like me, you couldn't even fathom a guess because that innate desire and need to feel connected for even just a second never really leaves. Its ALWAYS there.

Well, I have something incredible to share with you all. 

SuperTintin, the company who contacted me, has partnered with Skype which has resulted in the most incredible collaboration ever. In the next few weeks or so, they together will be offering 100 Skype Recording Licenses to very lucky, deserving lovebirds and Milie families!

Yes, Skype Recording Licenses. Its EXACTLY what it sounds like.

Here are a few words from Kate explaining about this fantastic company and product.

"SuperTintin is also a huge supporter of our military families and would like to show their support by hosting a fun campaign for military families just in time for Valentine's Day. To that end, SuperTintin is donating 100 licenses to its Skype recording software so that deployed/stationed servicemen and women can connect with their families at home and the at-home family can record the conversation (and all following conversations) to play back or share with other family and friends as much as they'd like."

Did you get that Lovelies?! A way to record your loved ones face and voice so that you ALWAYS have the option to see them and hear them no matter how far away they are or how long its been since you've been able to make contact with one another.

What a blessing!! 

It gets better dolls, much better. 

Not only are 100 of these Skype Recording Licenses going to be gracing Milie families but I get to give away 5 of them myself!


So now for the details. There will be 7 winners of this giveaway just on my page alone but I will also be able to share with you the other military sites and bloggers that will be hosting giveaways of their own!

You will have SO many opportunities to enter and hopefully win one for yourself!  

A quick note: The Skype Recording Software is NOT compatible with any Mac/Apple products. Yet. So really, unless you have a PC, its not really good to enter because it takes away the chance of someone who has a way to use this awesome software.  

This giveaway will remain open until February 12 at midnight PST and the winners will be chosen and contacted by email immediately. I will then provide Kate from SuperTintin with your email address and she will get you all of your license information just in time for Valentine's Day!! 

Now that the basics and information about this giveaway have been covered, I'll dive right into your many MANY ways to enter. 

1. Leave a comment stating you would like to win, have a PC, whether a loved one is currently TDY, deployed, stationed overseas, or scheduled to leave soon and your email address. 

That is all required for ONE entry. 

2. Follow SuperTintin on TWITTER and leave me your @handle so I can verify.  

3. Become friends with SuperTintin on FACEBOOK and comment with a URL for verification. 

4. Blog about this giveaway and include a link to this post on my blog and at least one link to either SuperTintin's TWITTER, FACEBOOK, OR WEBSITE. Leave a comment with a URL to verify. 

5. Follow my blog and leave a comment.

6. Like the official FACEBOOK page for this blog and leave a comment.

7. Visit MilitaryBlogs.com and give this blog a +Boost. Leave a comment saying you did so and it can be done ONCE A DAY. Each time you +Boost and leave me a comment will count as an entry. I will also be verifying this. 

So Lovelies, there is one MANDATORY entry and at the minimum, 6 extra entries if you only do a +Boost once. That's a lot of chances to win!!   

If you enter on other blogs and are chosen as a winner and then chosen as a winner on my blog as well, I will choose a new one in your stead. 

So get to entering and sharing this fabulous news!!!  

A giant thank you to SuperTintin and good luck to all you Lovelies!!

Other bloggers also participating in hosting their own SuperTintin giveaways:

Please note that although I did receive a free recording license from SuperTintin in exchange for posting about their site, all opinions and words are my own. 

Call For Help

I can't even begin to tell everyone how utterly grateful I am for all of your help in sharing Daphne's story!! Even more so, Danielle, Drew and Daphne are feeling every ounce of love, peace, prayers, and thoughts coming their way from thousands of strangers.

I am overwhelmed and humbled to know such incredible and giving people. In the last 24 hours alone, approximately 4800 people have either been told about or read about this precious miracle baby girl.

Its incredible.

Now I need your help once more. Its going to be just as simple as it was to share her story and just as vital to helping this strong little family.

Medical bills are expensive. It takes a lot of money to help miracles along. The world of medicine is truly awe-inspiring but it comes with a price.

The very last thing any of us would ever want to deal with or think about, were it us in a dire and trying situation, would be, "How on Earth are we going to pay for this?" Its more than a nagging thought, it can be a huge weight at the pit of our stomachs.

I have had many people emailing me, asking me what they can send to help Danielle, Drew, and Daphne along this tough road they are currently on. People have already begun to send blankets and little toys, things to make everything just a bit brighter for them. Now, I will say that it takes A LOT of courage to say you need help. It takes an enormous swallowing of one's pride to admit you can't do it all and then ask for the assistance of others. I don't think anyone would dispute that.

Insurance exists.
A necessary evil ;)
Its truly a blessing for Daphne and her family right now.
The other thing about insurance, there are co-pays, deductibles, premiums...

For Daphne's insurance to be covered, Danielle needs to be working. As you can imagine, returning to work while things are still unsure and unstable as far as her baby girl is concerned, is unthinkable yet payments, LARGE payments, still need to be made.

Now here is what can be done to help.

You can contact me @ rachelleorgan @ gmail (dot) com if you are wishing to send either a check or any other monetary donation. I will be able to provide you with the information to be put on a check and a mailing address where it can be received.

If you are a business owner, crafter, have an Etsy shop or any other sort of creative talent you share with the world, there are a few options.

You can offer a promotion in which your products or services will be discounted for a time, then either all or a portion of the proceeds can be put into Daphne's name as well. 

You can hold an online auction where items you wish to sell can be bid on, maybe starting from a  minimum price then either all or a portion of the proceeds can be put into Daphne's name as well.

You could raffle off items, or a collection of items. People who wish to enter pay a small amount and then the raffle proceeds can be put into Daphne's name as well. In a raffle, you could make more money than if you sold off each item at your normal price!

Just think, you'd be doing a small act of heroism for this baby girl and her family. Your talents would be doing SO MUCH GOOD!

In addition to you doing an incredible thing, anyone who hosts any sort of giveaway, auction, raffle, fundraiser... anything, will be featured here on this blog and linked up all over the inter-webs.

I have a few other possible things in the works for fundraising and if any of those things happen, I will share those as well.

PLEASE continue to share Daphne's story and make a small sacrifice by donating in any way to this beautiful little girl.


Enormous Miracles In Tiny Bodies

Last week, I shared with you all about the tender mercies of God that have been taking place in the life of a very dear friend.

This is Danielle and Drew and their precious baby girl Daphne.

Daphne was born with Trisomy 18, a genetic disorder that is caused by there being 3 pairs of chromosome 18 rather than the normal 2.

The large majority of babies with Tri18 never make it past the womb and the ones that do, are rarely strong enough to live to see outside the NICU and hospital walls. Most deaths are caused by heart abnormalities, loss of kidney function, and other organ failures.

When Daphne was in the womb, doctors told Danielle and Drew that their baby girl would have to undergo major heart surgery after birth. They told the both of them a lot of things in an attempt to prepare them for what they were sure would happen. Thing after thing would crop up, they would try to help her, but in the end, she would pass away.

Daphne was born at 2:20 on January 7th weighing in at 3 pounds 11 ounces. A tiny little angel sent down from God to bless the lives of her mama, daddy, and anyone who would meet her. It took a few days but Daphne was officially diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and things seemed to be getting tougher for her.

A lot of babies with Tri18 end up passing away from complications and episodes of sleep apnea. Daphne's nasal passages and airways are extremely tiny and a couple times, she was unable to recover on her own which spurred nurses to bring her back around from coding. A couple days after she was born, the doctors sat down to seriously discuss with Danielle, Drew, and family about the reality of Daphne's prognosis and their course of action.

When I spoke with Danielle after she had met with all of Daphne's doctors, I was in awe of her strength. She stated everything very matter-of-factly but not in a detached, angry way that one might expect.

"I am so grateful for the time we have had to spend with her so far. It's definitely more than most babies with Trisomy get. We are so lucky. We didn't get a life expectancy but we now have a plan of action. We're going to learn how to take care of her. We will be spending time here at the NICU in the Family Overnight Rooms before they discharge her. Once she is at home, the time frame is typically a week to maybe a couple months."

She went on to tell me how the doctors had stressed emphatically the need to just let nature take its course. It was only more painful for Daphne to keep being brought back around time and time again. Between the two of them, they had discussed and then given a verbal 'Do Not Resuscitate' order. They had fully accepted whatever God's plan was and acknowledged how blessed they were for Danielle having had the opportunity to carry and give birth to Daphne.

On January 14th, the doctors suggested that Daphne didn't have much longer. Maybe a few hours or maybe she would make it through the night. Family and church members who care deeply for Danielle, Drew, and her little girl gathered around and gave that precious baby a name and a blessing.

Daphne Dawn Reading

Daphne's story has spread and there are COUNTLESS people whose lives have been touched and COUNTLESS prayers being said from all over on this baby girl's behalf. She has continued to improve and surprise her doctors. When she was first born, the damage to her heart is what had concerned the doctors the most. Shortly after that, Danielle was told that Daphne wouldn't need the heart operation they had been telling her for months would be necessary. Days have gone by and on January 17th, perhaps the best news yet was given. The holes in Daphne's heart are somehow, inexplicably healing themselves. Danielle, Drew and family members along with so many others including myself, have ZERO doubt as to how and why these miracles keep happening. The prayers and faith and hope of everyone  are healing the holes in her heart. She is alive and fighting because God needs her here on Earth to continue to inspire and teach those around her.

Daphne is now strong enough that today, she was discharged from the NICU in a Scottsdale Hospital. Something that a few days ago, no one was really sure would happen. She was transported to a Hospice House where Danielle and Drew will be given a few more days to transition to having her at home and along with her mom, will be taught about every little thing that will go into Daphne's care. Even with her feeding tube and oxygen, she will soon be at home in her own crib, continuing to bless and enrich the lives of so many people. 

Now Lovelies, this is where you all have the opportunity to be a vital part of this baby girl's life. Pray.

Pray your hearts out and spread the word. 

If you are on Twitter, Facebook, or have a blog of your own, the amount of power you have of spreading the word is monumental. By sharing a link to this post you will be potentially letting thousands of other people know about this miracle of a baby. When praying hearts combine in a joint effort, mountains move and the impossible happens. Just weeks ago, Daphne living was seen as the impossible.

A friend of mine said something about a week ago, when I shared about Daphne on Facebook. It has stuck with me and rings with a truth I rarely feel.

What a blessing. I know that baby girl has the power to change the world. 

She has already begun changing this world.  She won't stop.  Regardless of how long God allows this angel to be here, she will never stop changing this world. Her story and the countless miracles and infinite love she has spread will work wonders of their own. Now you can too. 

Grab the button (thank you Chambanachik!)
Post it on your blog where it can be seen
Keep the miracle going


Once Upon A Time There Was This Thing Called Christmas

We sent out Christmas Cards

 We decorated in Georgia

We dropped off Jane Austen with Uncle David and Aunt Sammy

We flew all day from Valdosta to Atlanta and finally to Salt Lake City
I hate flying
So does my tummy

We got dinner with Mr. Superman's family after landing and I met a giant yam

We had dinner with our very favorite Andy Luke

I was reunited with the most incredible thing ever.

We got to go to a real mall
We picked out our favorite old school, throwback candy for our Stockings

I finally got to introduce Mr. Superman to The Annoyed Army Wife
We finally got to meet OccDoc
We saw Sherlock Holmes
Ate food
And I just loved seeing her again

We saw A Christmas Carol at Hale Center Theater
We got the cutest ornaments from Mr. Superman's sister
She made us all miniature 'Weasley Sweaters'!!

We had Christmas Eve at Nana's with Mr. Superman's entire extended family

We got awakened early Christmas morning
We tried our best to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed

Then, we came home