I Suppose....

I suppose its time to concede and give in. It is time to recognize that no matter what I feel (or don't feel), Christmas is coming no matter. 

I hope everyone is able to enjoy their holiday as much as possible but always remember the reason for the season. Be merry, be bright, but above all be safe and say a prayer for those who are without their loved ones. 



I would say, "that is all" but that is not even close to being 'all'.

I'm sick. Again.

This time its what I call normal people sick because its the flu. It is a very rare thing that I become normal people sick so when I do, its bad. At least I think so. In reality, it just makes me look wussy because I can't handle it. Give me cysts, surgical pain, pelvic pain, cramps so bad I pass out.... that stuff, I can handle. Throw in a few horrendous nosebleeds and a migraine for good measure and I can function just fine. That is all stuff I have every day for ever since I can remember. Normal people sick though, is rough. See, wuss.

I've also been feeling very.... I guess the word would be bitter. Its a lot of other things mixed in too but really, bitter sums it up pretty well. A couple weeks ago I was driving with a friend and somehow we got on the topic of babies and all my um, issues. She suggested I become a crack head and my chances of a successful pregnancy and delivery would shoot through the roof. I laughed because its probably true but then it was forgotten. Until yesterday.

Yesterday I got to talk to my husband. I rarely use that word because it doesn't seem nearly enough. Mr. Superman is so much more than a husband to me. He is the kindest, gentlest, most sincere person I have ever met let alone been lucky enough to have in my life. He is the reason I am here, alive, and even half as happy as I am. He is incredible and I could go on and on and on, but I digress. I was talking to him about EVERYTHING. It was a day fraught with heavy and difficult conversation the topics of which I only share a very tiny portion on the blog.

By the tail end of his day off and thus the end of our conversations, Mr. Superman said something. We were talking about all the kids I have potty trained and how when we have kids, the plan I already have to get our kiddies out of diapers by the time they are 2 1/2. We were joking around and he said, "You'll be so good you'll have them potty trained before they even leave the womb." There was silence for a moment as he realized what he said and the "Oh crap!" face made an appearance. I started crying and he was apologizing profusely.

This led to my bitterness rising up again. I said, "I should go become a crack head whore then we'd have no issues having babies. Or better yet, find a time machine, go back to 16, and get knocked up without even trying! Hey, I have an idea, why don't we completely change who we are. No wait, listen. You go ahead and only wear wife beaters and let your wardrobe influence your behavior. If you get a beer gut and slap me around a bit combined with me developing a heroine habit, we would be able to get adoptable foster babies without even making social workers blink as they hand them over."

I know, I sound incredibly cynical and resentful. I won't even attempt to deny it. You'd think we'd have experienced intense antagonism lately or something. 

I wish I could go and do this

 Because I have been doing this for far too long.


Words Of Wisdom From Mr. Superman

So amidst our giggling, chowing down (he had a beef enchilada in tomato sauce MRE while I had Cheetos) and our broken signals, there were a few momentos worthy of a 'Words of Wisdom' post that slipped out of my loverfaces mouth.

I was wearing these cute jammies tonight.

I was walking around holding the laptop while getting some things from different rooms. 

Him: Your boobs have me seeing stars.
Me: What? Why did you say that? I didn't even show you my boobs.
Him: Wait for it....
Me: Oh! Ha ha I see what you did there. You made a funny :)

A little bit later I was explaining about how Arizona just made fireworks legal and all these spazzes are going crazy buying tons and setting them off.

Him: We have fireworks here too! I hear them ALL.THE.TIME.
Me: Oh yeah? Mine are prettier in the sky than yours.
Him: Yeah but mine kill more people.
Me: I'm pretty sure appearances are everything. 
Him: Fail.

He is my lanta.


Ghosts of Christmases Past

I wrote this as a guest post for G.I. Joe's Wife while her hubby was home for R&R. Thanks for letting me blog for you doll! Check out the original post here or read it below!

Ghosts of Christmases Past

Rewind to Christmas 2005. I know, you may need to sweep the cobwebs from your brain but I believe in you. For me, I was in high school. Blech. That Christmas was spent doing the same thing I always did. It always started on Christmas Eve for us. My whole life, we all got to open one present and it was ALWAYS new pj’s. Score! We always did the Nativity and read Luke 2 as well. The morning started bright and early and we all took turns going from oldest to youngest opening gifts. Then it was my parents turn and they took turns followed by us kids divvying up the “family” gifts. Afterward, we spent the next couple hours cleaning up and putting out all of our gifts on our beds for when people stopped by later. All of those shenanigans were followed by loading up and heading out for the annual Christmas Brunch. You know how I’ve mentioned that my mom’s family is BIG and LOUD? Yeah there are those two little understatements again. Thanksgiving is all about the volleyball game but Christmas is all about the omelets, muffins, basketball, and lots of talking and laughter.

Moving on to 2006. Life was different. Mr. Superman and I were together and I was so freaking excited for my first Christmas together with a man that I just knew was different too. About two weeks before the big holiday, he notified me that he would not be there. Yeah. A two week-long snow-boarding trip was on his agenda instead. He was sorry but not sorry enough to not go. I was more sad than mad but the gift he sent me that year was so worth it all. He topped it all off by fibbing to me and coming home early. What a keeper :)

2007 found us as a newlywed married couple. Booyah! Christmas was a blast and totally different just because of the feeling of finally being out on our own and starting our own traditions. I also had the beginnings of pneumonia. Sweet!

2008 was spent up in Utard uh I mean Utah with Mr. Superman’s family. It was really hard for me to not be with my family or even in our own space being able to continue with our own traditions, but we had a good time. Lots of food and snow! The snow was the bees knees.

2009... I guess all I can say is whoa. We were getting the hang of the married holiday thing, but it was our very first year of being in the military. We also had been in Georgia for a month and we felt a little lost being that far from everyone and everything familiar. We had a great time though. I made a Cafe Rio copycat feast for Christmas Eve dinner and we got to open one gift each. Whatdoyaknow? It was pj’s!!! We stayed up past midnight and then got to sleep in! Oh the perks of no longer living with younger siblings. We opened our gifts and then had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We got spent the day together and got to have phone calls with the fam damilies and Christmas dinner was complete with a honey baked ham, mashed potatoes, and all the other trimmings. We were a little lonely but so stoked about beginning our brand new adventure!

Here we are, now in 2010 and life couldn’t be further from our expectations or plans. That’s the military though right? Here we are, another holiday upon us, and we are nowhere near each other. Once again, we are determined to make the best of it all. I organized a drive to get 100 or so stockings to his unit and I sent a Christmas tree. I just tried my hardest to send bits of Christmas to The Sandbox and with the help of family and friends, was able to do that. As for me, I will be spending it with my family back in Arizona, soaking up those traditions and making memories similar to my childhood.

One thing that I have learned as my Christmases have transformed and changed throughout the years is that no matter where I am, who I’m with, or what I’m doing, the reason behind it all is to celebrate my Savior. He makes all things possible and the best way I can honor Him is to show my love for everyone dear to me and continue to give thanks for life, love, and happiness. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all you Lovelies!


Pillow Talk: Even From Far Away Edition

**Post Edit** (Mr. Superman pointed out that I left out what he called, "The icing on the cake" of the conversation. Enjoy.)

Its been a long time since I threw a Pillow Talk on here and called it dunzo.

Last night/this morning, my computer began ringing and I found my husbands fuzzy pixelized head sitting on my bed. It was the first time in a long time we got to talk and for a long uninterrupted amount of time.

Me: Oh my gosh baby, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are getting divorced.
Him: I know that's crazy.

Thinking to myself, how the H does he have time to find that out??

Me: So I guess its our turn. I'll jump on Ryan Reynolds, you go get Scarlett.
Him: Alright, I guess this is it. I'll be seeyin' ya. Its been real.
Him: You know what, I'd rather have Rachel McAdams. Let me know when she's single.
Me: Shoot. I'd take Rachel McAdams over Ryan Reynolds. Lets do this.

I love that man. He makes me smile even from far away.



I got an email from Blue Star Families this morning and got so excited when I read about the awesome thing the hilarious Jack Black and Jason Segel are doing for military families. Read about it directly from BSF.

"Comedic genius Jack Black and funnyman Jason Segel (ummmm... have you SEEN Forgetting Sarah Marshall?!) have teamed up for a seriously great twist on a classic holiday song! Check it out on iTunes because all the proceeds go directly to BSF!  Rock on!"


I'm Calling a Time-Out

Way too much going on and not nearly enough time or brain space to figure it all out. 

All I know is


I'm A Woman. Go Figure.

Along with ta-ta's and lady bits, being a woman comes with a few other accessories. Well, usually.

For me, these include crying at the slightest thing gone wrong, crying at anything that reminds me of Mr. Superman, and... oh yeah, crying at just about anything else. I posted this to Mr. Superman a few days ago after returning to Arizona from my two week trip in Utah.

"Soooo, as I was going through security today before my flight, I saw a flash of digital camo. I looked up and my heart stuttered because it was an A1C fully decked out. He was right behind me and he probably thought I was a freak because I could not, for the life of me, stop staring. Cue the tears right? Throw in that line from your email about not caring the next time you fly for 18 hours because it'll mean you're coming home to me and then mix it with my quick mental math and the realization we are barely a third of the way done and I was bawling like a baby. In public. Thank God for waterproof mascara.  

Love you baby."

I will mention that I left out all the other incidents of waterworks that day. 

When I was asked why I was traveling alone, they brimmed over in about 2.5 seconds. 

When I was complimented on my ring and asked where my "lovely husband" was, my voice actually shook and clearing my throat did not convince that old lady it was because I had a cold. 

Oh, how about as we were in the air, when I started thinking about the last time I was on a plane from Utah to Arizona, it was with Mr. Superman by my side. He was rubbing my back, convincing me to not puke because it would be horribly embarrassing and make the plane smell funky. I actually was sniffling for 5 minutes before the terrified 19 year old kid next to me asked if I was okay. 

Dear Deployment, 

You are making me even more erratically emotional and its truly startin' to bug. 



Semi Wordless Wednesday: Thinking In Circles Edition

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.

A lot of soul-searching, heart-break, re-living, and crying it out has been happening too.

I have begun to look at my life, the things that have happened, and the people who have been apart of it all and I am in awe. I am in awe of the strength of not only the human body but the mind and spirit.

Do you realize how much crap we encounter on a daily basis? How many heart breaks occur in our lifetimes?

Its absolutely awe-inspiring what we as human beings are capable of. Not only what we are capable of experiencing but what we are capable of enduring as well.

It boggles my mind. Here are some of my current inspirations.



Full Utah Re-Cap

For those who didn't know, I was able to go and spend a wonderful two weeks in Utah with Mr. Superman's family. Thank you again for hosting me!!

I know most of you have been waiting with baited breath to hear all about my fun (don't even try to deny it) so without further ado, here it is complete with major photo overload. 

I had so much fun and soaked up all the cold weather and snow that I could. After the glorious ha-ha days (where you can breath a ha-ha and see it) this 70-degree Arizona stuff is rather disappointing. We played, ate, laughed, watched movies, indulged in Harry Potter, and I got to meet The Annoyed Army Wife!! Man she's fabulous. Even my HHT (which causes horrendous nosebleeds) didn't stop me from sledding to my hearts content. 

Here are some photos which more than likely are not in order.

Olive Garden!!
Listening to Mr. Superman's sister Katie sing at a Christmas concert
Sledding with Mr. Superman's sisters Carrie and Katie at South Mountain.

Yucky nosebleed mid sledding.
Three people on a one person sled leads to....
This and this....
My back had some gnarly ice burn and my left leg and knee were pretty thrashed. My leg stayed under the sled while the rest of my body rolled down the mountain. Sweet.
First date night with The Annoyed Army Wife. We got lost in the mountains looking for a cupcake shop, abandoned hope and found a different cupcake shop, we saw Harry Potter 7 at the iMax and ended it all with a fabulous dinner at Chipotle. First photo was a fail.
Second? A success!
Seeing Harry Potter for a second time the Saturday after Turkey Day.
Headed outside to build a snowman that failed which turned into a snow fort that failed which turned into a snow tunnel.
Mr. Superman's mom at another of Katie's performances. I think she had five in a week. Insane!

Now for a quickie recap of my second date with The Annoyed Army Wife. She just happens to have that same 'gift of buying stuff because its on sale and then eventually finds a use for it' as me. She told me she had ABU fabric and I announced we should make stockings. Well we did just that.
It took me a while but I made a pattern out of computer paper, tape, a few bowls, and a book.
It's a good thing she knows how to sew because I hadn't done it in a very, very long time.
Thank goodness she had just recently made a hat with a complicated lining too otherwise we'd have been bigger messes than we already were. That is a broad use of the word 'we'.

While I was there we indulged in some gloriously delicious tortellini soup that she made (heaven!) and lots of giggles. I got to meet the chihuahuas and the bunnies. The size of Dennis shocked me. I've never seen a bunny that big. Anyway, a lot of you may have read about what happened in her post so I'll spare the details. All you need to know is it was fun. What date between two military wives with two deployed husbands would be complete without a visit from Murphy eh? None. Perhaps that is why we discovered her basement horribly flooded and had a nice run in with the high as a kite creeper chester'esk pot head who was sent to suck up all the water. I am pretty sure I have never seen anybody that high operating heavy machinery and trust me Lovelies, that is saying something. 

We didn't have time for me to completely finish the stockings but I did that yesterday and today. Here are the finished products! Try not to ooh and awe too much over my amazing picture taking skills.
  • Outside: ABU fabric
  • Lining: White fabric stitched to the green trim which are actually pieces of Army issued tourniquets. Yes, we are that good.
  • Mr Superman's Extra's: Brown biased tape around the trim and for the loop. Across the pocket are antique/vintage buttons several of which have crests and eagles. 
  • Mrs. S's Extra's: Cream lace from JoAnn's around the trim and for the loop. Cream lace also across the top of the pocket overlayed with antique/vintage diamond-esque buttons. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make my two week break amazing and full of fun!!

Family, I'll see you in Palm Desert in January.
Annoyed Army Wife, I'll see you in July (hopefullywithourhusbandsatoursides).