And That's All I've Got To Say About That

If Train A left the space station at 56 o'clock with 3 ducks, 85 bottles of mustard, and your grandma on board while traveling at the speed of 2 plucked chickens on steroids...

And Water-Treading Zebra #8 departed the basement at 77:17 PM with a sack of potatoes and 101 Dalmatians while moving at 1/2 the rate of 3 pickles and a leper...

Then purple kiwis hate Garfield and Cher because cats and hippos are identical except for every 5th generations monkeys uncle.

Me too

Doesn't make any sense?
I know

I bet

Wondering why anyone in their right mind would ever take any of this to heart and believe its true?
Right there with ya.

― Me

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” 
― Albert Einstein

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Marcella{The Life of a Military Family} said...

LOL, thank you so much for this, I needed the laugh!