Panama City Beach, FL

Cody is such an unbelievably amazing husband. After being gone for the Air Force for over 5 1/2 months, which just so happened to include our anniversary, he proved himself even more fantastic than I could have imagined. He called me about a week before he got home, and told me he had a surprise for me. He had gotten us a beach front hotel in Panama City Beach, FL. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!! We were only there for 2 nights and one day but it was just the relaxing vacation we both needed so badly. Here are the pictures, including sunsets, Santa sleeping on the beach, sea shells, and us enjoying ourselves.

About to begin our day!!

The amazing view from our room. We were maybe 100 yards from the ocean. FABULOUS!!

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PhotosbyMillie said...

Aww chell you look so beautiful!
I am so jealous of your beach front room and all your new adventures!!!