Some Pics of the New Casa!!

Our big dining room and our tiny table. We have big dreams for this fancy dining set. Hopefully in a few months :)

In March, when I was recuperating from my surgery my wonderful MIL bought me this set of beautiful serving trays. I got creative and mounted them on the wall. I have plans for the eating area but right now, this is it.

This is what is done in our front room. We love our fireplace and hardwood floors.

This is our room. Its the only one that is 100% completely unpacked, decorated, and clean.

Again, I had to majorly improvise with our closet. Luckily we have another semi-large closet in our office where we can keep all of our Sunday clothes and another one in the foyer for all of our jackets.

Finishing off the post with my handsome man in his blues uniform. He has FTAC training this week and has to wear his blues on Monday & Friday. Love him!!


Robyn said...

So cute! (Your house and your cute husband!) Love you both!

amber said...

Everything looks great!! I too love the hardwood floors and fireplace. You should take a picture of how cute the front of the house is. Someday hopefully I can see it in person. :)

McGee said...

super cute home! I likey! you two are soo cute!! Love you tons!

Robyn said...

I think you need more space for your shoes though! =}