September 11th

I know its not the 11th but I wanted to share my most recent guest post on here for those who may have missed it from Saturday on Life As a Cajun Bombshell's blog. Here it is in its entirety.

I was super excited when Cajun Bombshell asked me to be a guest blogger and even more grateful when she kind of directed me towards my topic. The hardest thing about writing for someone else, at least for me, is picking the perfect topic and being able to write in such a way that is not only relatable but in a way that hopefully, touches at least one person. That being said,  I’d like to thank the cutest pregnant blogger ever for giving me the opportunity to write for her.

Today is September 11th. I think for anyone in America and probably far into the reaches of the world, seeing and hearing this date brings back very vivid memories. Memories of where we all were when we heard the news. Along with those triggers, seeing photos brings tears to countless eyes and a cold chill to our bodies.

It will forever be the day that terrorists struck the heart of America and dared to challenge the greatest nation in the world.  

It is the day that started it all

You know the “all” I’m talking about. The “all” that is the reason many joined the military and the “all” that causes us to be apart from the men (or women) we love more than life. Without the events of September 11, 2001, would we currently be fighting a war? Would we be saying, “See you later” way too many times to our loved ones? I can’t answer these but I do know, that 9 years ago, I never expected to be doing what I am doing today.

I was 13 years old when it happened. I was up early as usual getting ready for school when I heard my mom holler down to me to come watch something on the news. It was when it had literally just happened and there was still so much confusion. It was before they knew that it in fact was not an accident. By the time my brother and I arrived to school, the televisions were on in every classroom and there wasn’t too much loitering going on. It was eerie to see empty hallways and hear hardly any chatter. By the time first period started, the words terrorists and war had begun to be said aloud. It was terrifying. I was on the complete opposite side of the United States from the attacks but I was affected. 

Every single person in this country was affected whether they realized it at the time or not.

I think the one year mark of 9/11 along with probably the second and third I still felt very somber. I always felt a dull ache in my heart for those who had lost loved ones and those who had selflessly given their own lives to try and help others. I listened to all of the patriotic songs and got teary eyed. My patriotism swelled bigger than before but I think it would be safe to say that unless it was the few days leading up to or few days following the anniversary, I didn’t give immense thought to all of it. 

Fast forward to last year. Last year on September 11th, I felt it. The anger. The pride. The terrifying realization that we (my husband and I) were now an integral part of it “all” hit with the force of an 18-wheeler. Mr. Superman had recently graduated from BMT and was in Texas attending Tech School. Even though he wasn’t officially out in the working military world, I knew that sometime in the relatively near future, I would have to face the idea of seeing my husband load onto a big white bus to go fight a war.

Today is September 11th. Even though I knew and expected this day would hold meaning for us, I had no idea that it would extend beyond anger at the evil men responsible for starting this war and a fierce pride in my country and every single person serving in our military, including my husband. I am currently on the horizon, brink, and dreaded deadline of saying, “See you later” to the man that I love more than anything in this world. I am just a few days off from having to see him walk away from me and load onto a big white bus to go fight a war.

How am I feeling? Nervous, anxious, sad, and scared are definitely at the top of the list but do you want to know what else is up there? Gratitude, pride, and inspiration. What incredible men and women we have serving this country. They are doing the job that most are not willing to do. They step up, day after day, without being asked because they want to. How awe-inspiring. I am beyond proud to call myself the wife of a United States Airman and have such gratitude that he is a part of my life and grateful that he knows his duty and does it willingly without an ounce of complaint.




great tribute, I really enjoyed it.

Glitz to Glamour said...

Oh my... makes me so sad and so proud of our country, thanks for the great tribute. Today my hubby goes in to take the asvab, we were thinking the air force, but after much talk and confusion in my head, I decided to finally let him live his dream and quite possibly join the marines. I'm scared out of my wits! I'll let you know how it goes. I'm sorry for the following couple of days. I hope all goes well. Love ya chicka! Please keep us updated!

Team Mama said...

Incredibly proud of you and of Cody (you are a team!) I was thinking on Sat. night (9/11) as I watched a program about 9/11 (and cried through the entire program!) the exact same thing- how the events of that day have lead you to where we will be on Thursday. I am so incredibly proud to be an American and the mother of an amazing airman and I am proud of the way that you and Cody are choosing to serve this country. <3 <3 <3

Neidy said...

We're sticking it through and I know you're such a STRONG woman to be getting through this all :)
<3 You're in my prayers and thoughts!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Great post!