Hodge Podge Modge Podge

This post will be a bit sporadic which I hope you can all stick with.

I've always thought Modge Podge was called Hodge Podge and now that I know the truth, it doesn't change a thing. Just like no matter how bad it bugs Mr. Superman, I still call it cheese grilled instead of grilled cheese.

This is my 401st post :) Whoop dee doo! I also missed my 2 year blogging anniversary! Here was my very first post.


It's About Time!

"So we finally caved in and thought it was time we joined the blogging world. We are jumping in head first with eyes wide shut because we haven't the slightest notion of how to do it. We have so many friends and family who are geniuses with their blogs but we make no such promises. We will attempt at keeping you all up to date and perhaps a little entertained but any lack of grace, eloquence, creativity or inspiration cannot be held too long over our heads."

A tad funny to me. I can't imagine not having a blog and it honestly feels like so much longer that we've been doing it. That's what she said.

I have lost 7 followers since taking my little break and gained 2 so here's to that.

I am in dire need of a hair trim. Its been over 7 months and my layers are so bulky and awkward I'm getting it thinned and trimmed very soon.

My sweet husband is my everything. I worry about him constantly especially with everything that has already happened in the very short amount of time that he's been there but I know he will come home safe and in one piece. I told him its a requirement since he has my heart.

I want to thank everyone for sticking with me and also for all the compliments on the new layout. I can't take any credit though. Its all due to the uber talented Mrs. Muffins. I'll go more into that later.


Be sure to take note that everything on my blog be it writing or pictures is under copyright. If you're unsure of what that is, check the bottom of my page. We don't want any puppy deaths. They are almost as bad as fairy deaths.

Now that I am kind of back, I'm doing my best to catch up on reading as well as create a life for me here that can keep me at the very least, busy until sometime next year. That includes reading, writing, making sure my husband is content, getting crafty, and working. I've only got one of those under control right now.

I've been dreaming of cuddle loving this guy
And making due with cuddle loving this guy.
I will be having 2 giveaways very soon so keep a lookout. As for now, I am off to bake myself a CPK Sicilian pizza and delve into this weeks missed tv programs.

Love to all you Lovelies!


Sailor's Wife said...

I love the new layout! And I grabbed your new button :)

I loved your first post and I love the pictures. ((hugs))

Mrs. K said...

I'm diggin' your new look! Also- Cheese Grilled is too cute. lol

Miss E said...

Welcome back!! I'm glad you are semi-sorta back! It's not hodge podge??? I always thought it was that :-/ oopsies! I hope you are able to get settled soon

Brie said...

Congrats on the bloggiversary sweets! I too love the new layout and grabbed the button!

Psstt... I've got a post up that military-related and I'd love your thoughts on it doll. http://www.etceteralife.com/2010/10/monday-monologue-2-medal-of-dishonor.html

Anonymous said...

i adore the new layout Mrs. S! Great job by Mrs. Muffins. I'm glad that you are staying calm and strong through the beginning of this deployment. You are wonderful. =)

I loved this entire post, as random as it was. Glad you're doing okay and if you need anything, you know who to call. =)

Just Hurry Up and Wait said...

Wow! Cute blog layout!

Glad you are back!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it WAS hodge podge!!! Thats ridiculous... loved your first post btw :) and the pictures are super cute.

Sherri Romney said...

I love this post. I always am entertained reading your blog. You are so strong. I admire you so much for being such a supportive wife and friend to your man. It say's a lot about you.

I wish you lived closer (or that I did) cause I need your help with my house. And I'd enjoy every minute of hanging out with you :)


That picture of you and your husband is so cute! so sweet! I loved it.
I love random posts, it is such a nice peak into someone's head :)

Whitney said...

I've never heard of modge podge....I've always heard it being hodge podge. Love the new layout :)

Amanda said...

I LOVE your new layout! very cute. :) and happy 2 year blog anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog design!! Will definitely love continuing to visit here!! That pizza sounds yummo! Give me some!!! Congrats your 401 post!

Jennie Pie
"Capturing Sweet in the East"

JG said...

Haha, I've always called it Modge Podge, nice to know I was right! ;)

Love the new look!

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

I love the new blog design, too! I'm glad that you're "kind of" back :-) I love your blog.

Kathi said...

Glad to see this post from you. I thought it was called Hodge Podge too?! lol

Happy Tuesday!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Love the new layout.. Welcome back!

Maranda said...

I'm glad you are settling in. I love the layout as well. I'm also really glad you are kind of back... ;-)