What's Been Going On In My Neck of the Woods

There have been lots of photo-ops of silly kids, cuddle times, and nights out with friends. Some of them are cell phone pictures so excuse the poor quality. Enjoy!

These are all courtesy of a fun little touch i-pod app. I think they are hilarious!

 He is really good at what he calls his "cool dude" pose. 

 It was Jacob's 10th birthday the day I got to AZ. 

 Too much fun for Mr. Aiden. 

My first experience with Just Dance on the Wii. 

 This picture cracks me up. This is us when the camera goes off unexpectedly. Me with my bestie Brighteyes. 

 Left to right: Bestie's Brighteyes, Davey, me, and my favorite cousin Sammy. We went out to Thai, watched Robin Hood, then got frozen yogurt. I love being back in AZ with them. 

 Pumpkin cookies with a walnut and maple gnosh (sp?) frosting! Brighteyes is a pastry chef. 

 Aiden is obsessed with Toy Story. He has his own set of full size, strap on Buzz Lightyear wings. 

 This was a family party about a month ago. Parker and Shaycee Marie with me. 

 Shay is such a cute little lady. 

 Abby and I with our kissy faces for Uncle Mr. Superman.

 Again with the rockstar cool dude pose. 

 My first dozen roses from Afghanistan. The card said, "Because I love you."

Brighteyes made me get out of bed, get fancy, and took me out on a date to Kona Grill. 

 This is my friend Cait's little boy named Aiden as well. I took Cait out for her 22nd birthday a couple weeks ago. 

This is Cait. 

 This is one of the newest additions to the family. Carson Glenn. He is my Brother Jared's youngest. 

This is Jalen helping me work on my countdown paper chain. I actually finished it the other day and it goes all the way around my room

 A couple days before Mr. Superman left, we were at the BX in Clothing Issue. He saw this miniature ABU set and just HAD to get it for Aiden. 

 That about wraps it up. I do have lots more to post but I am currently not feeling well so it'll have to wait. 


Bonnie said...

A friend of mine has those buzz lightyear wings for her little girl and they're pretty awesome!

and it definitely looks like you are enjoying being home :)

annoyed army wife said...

Super cute photos! I love the mouth photos - those are hilarious!

Carmen said...

I'm so glad that you are having a good time at home and that hopefully the time is going by rather quickly! You look great in all the pics =)

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

I'm so glad you got to go home during this deployment. It must be so nice being with good friends and family! Little brothers are always sure to brighten a girl's day :-) That picture of Aiden in ABUs is too cute!

LTarmywife said...

The kids are adorable, the flowers are gorgeous, those boots in the one picture are incredibly cute, and the paper chain is a great idea!

A Law Student in Love with her Marine said...

The roses are so sweet! And I love the paper chain idea :)

♥ Elizabeth said...

Awesome pictures! I am doing a paper chain, but I'm going to do a link a day and write something on it, and then when he gets home, we'll read them. I can't believe how long yours is! GORGEOUS FLOWERS! Lucky lady ♥ And kids always make adorable pictures- like the mouth ones- too cute. {And me and my husband still do our rockstar poses!}

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

How fun! Its always good to have the support of good friends and family while your hubby is deployed! :) I couldn't have made it through our first deployment without them.

C said...

Oh, it looks like you are having so much fun with all the little bb's! Get it girl.

Chelle said...

I can't believe you haven't played Just Dance before?! I farking love that game.

Radiant Readhead said...

OMG!!! for one, those pics of the cell phone smiles are hilarious!!!!! second, thank you so much for your comment....like I said, the support wonderful people like you are what help me get through!

AbbeyG said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cool dude pose, the buzz lightyear wings, and your boots!!!

ESPECIALLY LOVE the roses from Afghanistan. :)

Miss E said...

It looks like you have been having an amazing time in Arizona! I love your paper chain idea

Steph said...

Cute pictures! Glad to see you are having some fun.

Allie said...

SO cute! I love the pictures and those cookies look YUMMY.

Jen said...

aww I love all the pictures!! Beautiful flowers too!!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I Love the pics!!

You will have to come by my place for a BIG surprise!!!

I love the roses two thumbs up!

Birdie said...

Looks like too much fun!! And what is it with the name Aiden? I thought I was so unique:(

Paula Kathlyn said...

LOVE those mouth pictures at the top! And what a little cutie in uniform in the last picture :-)

Goodnight moon said...

Loved all the pictures! Those smile apps are too cute! And...you HAVE to get mini cammies...it's a must!!!!

Maranda said...

So cute! That iPod app is hilarious! And...it's "ganache." ;-) I'm glad you are having a good time!