I Call A Do Over: Its All In The Details Edition One

My 4 AM usually consists of DVR or Netflix, food sitting somewhere on the floor or couch, my drill, dremel, and paint.

Since Mr. Superman deployed, I got more into DIY decor and refinishing furniture. Nikki, is a seriously incredible designer that helped me a ton in teaching me techniques and easier ways to do things. 

Now that I have a collection of stuff I've done and on my To Do List I figured why not share it with my Lovelies? So most Tuesdays for me are going to consist of this new meme and this week starts the link up! If you have any projects you've done, post it with the I Call A Do Over picture and then come back to link up so I can come check it out.

Without further ado, we dive in!

The show 'n' tell pieces this week are all little decor items that got makeovers, touch ups, and face lifts. They are all things I had, most for a few years, that I kept around because I knew I'd use them again. Its amazing what some spray paint and a little extra time can do. 

These little frames I had found at Walmart for like a dollar a piece a few years ago. I spray painted them (my then) master bedroom colors. They weren't horrible but as is the case with pretty much everything up until a year ago, they weren't fabulous. I had no clue what I was doing when it came to decorating.  


So these suckers got a re-do and are now a part of the office decor. The frames I already had, the bulletin board I got unopened and brand new from Goodwill for $2 and the frame that has the multi-color stripes was a broken frame from Hobby Lobby I got for less than $1.


Next thing that got a spray paint bath were these two lamp shades. I got them both years ago and they used to be the lamps that sat on our night stands when we lived in our very first house and traveled with us to Utah then here in Georgia where they became part of our sad lighting in our old house before Mr. Superman deployed. I thought about 100 times about getting rid of them and now I am so glad I didn't. 



This is the only picture I have of the next items. I seriously just cringe at pictures of my old houses and the way I 'decorated'. So awful. Those 3 candle pedestals were all found on clearance at Walmart 3 years ago and those pink candles are just as old. I love me some book paper and Mod Podge so these suckers got the royal treatment. The candles were all changed up as well and put in different places in mi casa. I love the way that one looks with the sticks all around it.



The next thing that got a makeover was this little table I got at Hobby Lobby last year for $6!  The red top was just not doing it for me so it got coated with off-white paint and then a dark stain. It sits between my fireplace hearth and our back door. Its now home to an antique lantern missing the glass and has a broken clock I got from Hobby Lobby for $2. I have a slight clock obsession. Ignore the very much old and dated 70's fireplace. Its getting an awesome white wash soon.



I had gotten this lamp with a gift card from Target last year but about a month after getting it, I started hating the orangey-brown shade. After some really awesome vintage style post card and letter collage paper and lace trim were added, I fell in lurve love.




 Alright now you all know the drill. If you have anything you'd like to show off, go ahead and link it up. It can be anything really that you got creative with or gave it new life. The link party stays open until Friday at noon so get to sharing!


Melissa said...

Ok all of your things make me wanna get creative and do over some stuff!

Team Mama said...

Way cute! Good job! The only thing I've re-purposed/changed etc is I made Katie a T-shirt quilt for graduation so she could take it to college with her! But it did turn out really nice! Wish you could be with us today for graduation! <3 <3 <3

Jen said...

Wow!!!! All of this is incredible, you are very talented!!!

Mel said...

I love the items you have both before AND after! Even when your style changes, you have a great sense of it! Oh, and I'll be linking up later today on some "small" projects too!

Stephanie said...

Lovely! Everything looks so rich and visually interesting.

Jenn said...

Awesome redos