I Call A Do Over: Entertainment Chest Edition... Again

My 4 AM usually consists of DVR or Netflix, food sitting somewhere on the floor or couch, my drill, dremel, and paint.

Since Mr. Superman deployed, I got more into DIY decor and refinishing furniture. Nikki, my BFF Forever is seriously an incredible designer so she helped me a ton in teaching me techniques and easier ways to do things. 

Now that I have a collection of stuff I've done and on my To Do List I figured why not share it with my Lovelies? Without further ado, we dive in!


 To kick it off, I want to introduce you Lovelies to my seriously revamped and in my opinion, much improved Ikea entertainment chest. 

This is the original as seen on the Ikea website

This is what it looked like when I was done with it the first time around. To see the first makeover in its entirety, go HERE.

I loved the dark teal but it just wasn't sitting right with me and I wanted a lighter, fresher look so I went with a fabulous aqua.

I am really loving it now and it goes fabulous with what I've decided to do with our front room.


No Model Lady said...

Oh yes, I love it, I do! It's lovely and I love the bottles you have on the bottom shelf. My creative juices for the house are MIA but you're gonna be my moto, cool?

Team Mama said...

I really like the softer color- it looks great! I am excited to come see all of the other changes you've made since I left in March.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Can you decorate my house?