I Call A Do Over: Sitting Room Hutch Edition

My 4 AM usually consists of DVR or Netflix, food sitting somewhere on the floor or couch, my drill, dremel, and paint.

Since Mr. Superman deployed, I got more into DIY decor and refinishing furniture. Nikki, is a seriously incredible designer that helped me a ton in teaching me techniques and easier ways to do things. 

Now that I have a collection of stuff I've done and on my To Do List I figured why not share it with my Lovelies?

Without further ado, we dive in!

This hutch was one of the last pieces of furniture I have felt good enough to work on and had enough energy to do at all and I love how it turned out. 

I got it for $30 at my favorite thrift/antique place.

It still took me 8 hours but that was mostly because I dry brushed the entire piece.
Dry brushing is a great technique but takes forever especially on a bigger piece. 
I was armed with three paint brushes and 5 colors of paint. 
To dry brush you just barely get the ends of the bristles wet and make almost whispy strokes. 
It sits in my formal sitting room and holds my Christmas china. 

Here she is!



I used the original hardware and just brushed two of the neutral shades of paint on it all and before it dried all the way, wiped most of it off. 

Now Lovelies, instead of already having a Linky up, I figured if you have something you want to share, post about it and let me know and I'll open a Linky for you to share it with the rest of us.



Team Mama said...

Wow! 2 thumbs up!

Kristi said...

Wow! That is great!!! I love it! I'm planning all sorts of big messy DIY for my husband's deployment.

Goodnight moon said...

You did such an awesome job!!!!!! Love it!!!!! And welcome back to bloggy-land....I promise, you didn't miss much at all! I've been taking a break myself too!

The Mrs. said...

So beautiful <3

bejellyfish said...

That looks so great! Way to go!