Ghosts of Halloween's Past & The Importance of Dressing Up

Hey Lovelies!
Happy Halloween! 
Up until a couple years ago, Halloween was always my favorite holiday.
I guess it still is, I just don't do much anymore.

It was a night anyone could be anyone and despite punks who go and steal candy and egg houses, it was always a little bit magical. As I got older, it shifted the attention onto all of my nieces and nephews and how much fun they had.  

This year, its more about me praying my house isn't vandalized and that I don't go insane from hearing my doorbell ring but still, I enjoy the feel of Halloween.

This year, Mr. Superman is working all night (as always) so I'm not participating other than watching some movies and snacking on caramels but I still enjoy the magic of Halloween

This year, I'm not with any family or getting my nieces and nephews all made up and ready but I'm still loving reliving all of the amazing memories of Halloween's past.

Here's a look back.

2006: Dating a month: A fairy and Paul Wall.

2007: Married 12 days: I was an aunt and Mr. Superman was at school.

2008: Married a year: Football fans

2009: Married 2 years: An aunt with no pictures of herself and Mr. Superman was at Tech School

2010: Married 3 years: An aunt and Mr. Superman was deployed

2011: Married 4 years: A stay at home military wife with messy hair and a working Airman who never stops for pictures. 


AbbeyG said...

Happy Halloween!! I loved your fairy costume (:

bejellyfish said...

Have a good Halloween! It is happy you have your hubby home this Halloween! :-)

Jamie said...

I love all of the costume pictures!