Stockings for Soldiers

Hey there Lovelies!

Remember when Mr. Superman was deployed last Christmas and I decided I wanted to get together 50 full size Christmas stockings chock full of goodies for his unit to send down range?

With the help of Mr. Superman's family, donations of money, cards, and goodies from all over, and a night full of assembly line genius, I was able to do that.

We ended up being able to send 100 stockings instead for the other 50 guys deployed from our home base here in Georgia. It was so awesome to hear about how excited everyone was when they got there and being able to see the pictures Mr. Superman sent me was so neat.

 (I also sent them a Christmas tree they could have up in the tent of the main camp.)

Well, this year Mr. Superman isn't deployed but I have gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do something similar. When it came down to it, we just don't have the money or time this year to organize it.

My friend Danyelle did end up messaging me though, seeing if I had any contacts I could pass along to her, because SHE is putting together a big drive to send stockings over to whomever she can.

This is where you come in.  
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know of anyone you may know who is deployed this year. Even better, if its your own loverfaces unit, tell me and I will be able to pass that all along and there will be stockings galore! She needs email addresses so go ahead and either leave me a comment or shoot me an email with your or your service member's email address and I will get Danyelle in touch with the right people.

I know before Mr. Superman deployed I would give fleeting thoughts to people deployed over the holidays but never did anything to make it a little better and brighter for our military. Now though, it just warms my heart to know there will awesome people making sure that our incredible service men and women will be getting a little bit of Christmas and joy thrown their way.

It would be awesome if you could share this post on your own blogs and Facebook and expand the search. I would appreciate it mucho mucho!

If you have the contact information for FRG Leaders or Key Spouses on bases where units are deployed be sure to send those my way too!

Thanks Lovelies!


Elizabeth said...

Have you thought about contacting Operation Homefront Georgia, or looking at the website Soldiers Angel?

I've been thinking of "adopting" a deployed soldier who doesn't have family.

Operation Homefront should know of something you can do for a deployed airman or soldier.

Sarah said...

Our FRG did this last year and it was a total hit with all the guys!

Cassie said...

Love that your doing this! My husband's brigade is deploying in Nov and will be down range on Christmas.. I'm so glad their are great people like you who support our troops even when your husband isn't deployed <3 Thanks for being a great military wife!

chambanachik said...

FYI, you rock. :)

Mrs. H said...

My husband's being deployed! Stinks super bad especially since he's missing our little guy's birth :( but I know his battalion would love it! Shoot me an email as to how I can help!


Mrs. H said...

My husband is being deployed! It stinks a bunch especially since he's missing the birth of our sweet baby, but this would definitely help! Shoot me an email so we can arrange something for him and his battalion even!:)


Team Mama said...

Also something to think about: we (as in Nana's Palmer family) have been adopting the family of a deployed servicmember each of the past 3 years for Christmas and providing Christmas for them. Uncle Steve gets us a name through the State National Guard and we get a list of first names, ages and sizes. It's been a very nice thing to do...and we figure that the servicemember appreciates that his or her family is taken care of while they are away from home.
We are really glad that Cody is home and not deployed this year...and that we will actually be seeing the two of you! Last year really was a lot of fun doing the stockings- it really felt like we were making a difference! It was a great idea that you had.

Amanda Dawn said...


I'm a silent reader until now.

My husband is in Kuwait. His unit is permanently over there and the guys just rotate in and out.

I don't know if they would be interested in sending to them? I am also not sure how many of them are over there. I know I will be sending to my hubby. But not sure about some of the others.

Let me know..