I love Taylor Swift.
She's adorable.
She speaks her mind.
She doesn't care what anyone thinks.
She loves wildly and without regret.

I just watched her newest music video for her song 'Ours' and had to share it. It was a hidden track on a bonus disc in a deluxe set of one of her albums. All of her fans who discovered it, loved the song, requested the heck out of it, and clamored for a music video.

So she listened. 

I love what she said in response to how it all unfolded.

'I love my fans because they let the best song win.'

The best song wins indeed. I thought it was endearing and charming and SO honest. My heavens I had flashbacks from all of the horrible jobs where I had to sit in a cubicle and just counted the seconds until the end of the day. Then I saw the last 15 seconds and started bawling.

Thank you Taylor.
Its once again, an honest and spot on portrayal of real life.
Maybe not everyone's real life but mine and a whole lot of people I know.

Now watch it Lovelies.


Samantha said...

I love Taylor Swift! Anyone who speaks their mind and follows their heart is amazing in my book.

Dani said...

Thank you for the share, I just started bawling at the end. Such a sweet song!

Angie said...

I haven't listened to Taylor Swift in a long time, but I love that song. The end of the video made me want to cry. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

I normally don't listen to Taylor Swift but today two of my friends came to me and said they found the perfect song for me and my man, and it was "Ours" I cried. My man has been deployed for about a months, and this song fits us to a tee haha. I love it now!

Whitney said...

I love Taylor Swift. I never heard this song before or seen the video. I just watched it, and boy, I started crying!

Team Mama said...

i KNEW the end was going to be something like that when you said that you started bawling! (Because we seem to cry at a lot of the same things) Perfect song- thanks for sharing.

chambanachik said...

I actually didn't cry- it made me smile so much at the end. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I *adore* Taylor Swift.
Seriously - that office she is in, it could have been filmed where I am right now. :/
Love the scene at the water cooler!


kept seeing E! talk about it but missed it every time so thanks for posting!
I'm about to post on my blog, thanks :)

Katie Ann said...

Loved it!