Whiz-Dumb Teef

How many of you Lovelies and Dolls have had to get your wisdom teeth out? What was your experience like?

For me, the last 8 years my wisdom teeth have terrorized my poor mouth. They were all impacted and every few months would peek their heads above my gummies and cause me excruciating pain for a while then go underground again. The last 3 years have been full of Mr. Superman and my MIL trying to convince me to actually use my dental insurance and get those suckers removed.

Last week they reared their ugly, pain causing heads again so I bit the bullet and went in. When I say I bit the bullet I mean I realized that in 5 weeks insurance would be GONZO so it was now or never.

After asking some questions and getting the deets and info from fellow Milies, I hit up the MetLife website and located the one and only oral surgeon here in town that was accepting new patients which meant it was the only dude I could go to and called them up. I pulled the "I'm in pain card" on Monday afternoon, got an appointment for Tuesday afternoon and booked my surgery for Thursday afternoon.

Now, I have had a lot of surgeries. I have had a lot of doctors, exams, IV's, medical problems, etc. I have NEVER been even slightly nervous for anything medically related but I was absolutely TERRIFIED! I mean shaking, felt like I was going to puke, crying, anxiety attack, full blown panic and fear mode.

I got called in early and I was freaking out. 

I got taken back and I was freaking out. 

I got sat down and I was freaking out. 

I saw a cute guy in scrubs and I was freaking out. 

I finally met my surgeon and I was still freaking out.

It was happening so fast!

And I remember saying, "This is all happening way too fast!"

I told my doctor, "I don't mind needles but I need a '1, 2, 3' warning" but the next thing I knew I was being stabbed with a fatty needle, tasting something NASTY, and then I was in the car in the Walmart parking lot and then at home.

It was all such a huge blur and went super fast. Apparently, it took 20 minutes to yank all four of those buggers outta my mouth. Too bad recovery hasn't been that fast. I wish! I'm swollen and bruised and I just finally got to eat solid food yesterday which is a really long time for my my fatty self to not have some nomnoms. I never thought I'd be sick of ice cream and pudding and applesauce and mashed potatoes.

From the minute I woke up all I wanted was french fries and my mommy. Only one of those was within 2,000 miles and I'll give you two guesses which one.

If we're being honest I went downhill after halfway through day 2. Friday late night all the way until yesterday around 2 in the afternoon, worse than the four gaping stitched up bleeding holes in my mouth, worse than my swelling, worse than my bruising, my head felt like it was going to explode. I mean I was on the verge of vomiting from that sucker!

Thank Heavens for my incredible Mr. Superman and for my bestie Sammy! Between the two of them, after they got done video taping me and laughing of course, they took good care of me. As tough as it was it could have been a million times worse and we're definitely blessed to have insurance that covered a large chunk of it.




I'll spare y'all pictures from Sunday and today, I look like million dollar baby with bruises all over my face and a barely distinct line from where my jaw connects to my neck. Mr. Superman said it makes me look like I have a large gullet. Nice, huh?

So what were your weekends like?
Anything as fun as mine?!


A Girl said...

OUCHIE!!! But I'm glad you finally did it!

My experience was horrible! The 45 minute procedure took 2.5 hours and I couldn't open my jaw all the way for 4 months!!!!

I also woke up halfway through the surgery. :(

Glad you are recovering ok. <3 Hope you feel the rest of the way better soon!

Team Mama said...

I am just glad you had it done and it is now over with. Those nasty wisdom teeth were never going to go away on their own- it was only gonna get worse! So bad as this has been for you- once you heal up- you're done with those suckers forever!!! Hang in there- it WILL get better!

Jessica said...

OUCH! I would say I had a much better weekend than you. :)
Glad you were able to get them out, maybe you won't have anymore problems. I had mine out about 17 yrs ago so I don't remember much except that it was painful and I was very swollen.
Hope your already feeling better! :)

Amanda said...

Yeah I am dreading it.. but I think once we move I'm going to have to sucker up and do it. :/ I'm terrified...