The One Worth Sharing

Unless you live under a rock you've no doubt heard and read all about a certain mass shooting. I've held my tongue up until now. 
I saw THIS article earlier tonight and was compelled to share.
I haven't said anything about the tragedy in Colorado on any sort of social media platform for multiple reasons. I haven't even discussed it with anyone other than my husband and my best friend. I read parts of some of those first articles that broke the sad news and I've seen HUNDREDS of comments and opinions from others. This is the first thing I have read all the way through and felt was actually worth sharing. This woman was there with her two teenage daughters and I absolutely love what she says.

"God is always good. Man is not. Don’t get the two confused."

I can't tell you how many times I've doubted God. His power, His love, His existence... I don't think you can go through life and NOT question or doubt but then you get terrible things thrown into your life and its that much more difficult to be 100% sure.

I will NOT get into any sort of discussion or debate about religion or politics or anyone's opinion about what happened, what this man chose to do, or WHY he CHOSE to do it. I don't care about sharing a screenshot of some guy's status begging an actor to go visit the surviving victims in the hospital or talking about gun control. This woman's words touched me and I felt the need to pass them along.

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Mrs. S said...

Great article, interesting perspective. I could not imagine being in the position!

Some of the comments just amaze me. I saw a comment on a status on a military support page that said "my thoughts and prayers are with the victims families, especially the sailor's family". That really irked me. Yes it was sad that a military man died, but why is his life more significant than the other 11?

And I think that screen shot, or the article suggesting the cast donate money to the victims, puts the actors in an incredible unfair position. Yes it happened at a screening of their movie, but they are not responsible for his actions. Don't ask them to pay for them.