June 17th- August 31st: 77 days

best friend pregnant
1 best friend having a girl

 nursery designed and finished

1 best friend's hubby home from Korea early
1 extremely relieved best friend

3 houses packed 
3 times we've moved

1 honorable discharge

2 very sad goodbyes

40 days since I last blogged
44 days since I blogged about REAL stuff and my REAL feelings
11 followers lost
followers gained

We drove across

9 states
39 hours
2,200 miles
3 hotels

1 car purchased
vehicles now owned outright

4 inches cut off my hair
2 hair colorings and root touch ups

3rd floor walk up
4 flights of stairs
912 square feet
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms

apartment mostly painted
apartment partially decorated
apartment still not unpacked

1 trip to Arizona

1 Pops 
1 Mama
1 sister
1 brother in-law                         
4 brothers
3 sisters-in law
12 nieces and nephews

hugged and kissed

1 new niece met and cuddled

1 nephew & 1 new niece missed

2 parents became empty nesters

1 baby brother brought back to Utah

1 baby brother dropped off and moved into his college dorm at BYU

big sister turned into a worry-wart sap

job interviews
job offers made
job offers accepted

1 Sports Filmer
1 Para-Professional Educator for The Utah Schools For the Deaf and Blind

1 full time college student
ROTC Cadet
1 USAF Inactive Reservist 

new life in Utah

Its totally cray cray!


Katie said...

I can only see like 3 of your pictures, but you'll know how much I love you, I actually turned on the computer to see if coming to your blog would allow me to see them. Alas, no dice, but still, baby girl, that's some lova love. :)

My goodness do I understand need to write and the internal struggle to let it out. You're one up on me, though, with this one!

How far is Utah and Oklahoma? We must figure this out. There's got to be somewhere to meet inbetween for a girl's weekend or something. GOT TO BE.


Robandashley said...

I am so happy for you things are moving along. You got to see family and have a new start. You made me all sappy and yuck. New adventures can have bumps but as long as you have each other it is great. I am learning this more and more now. Loves

Katie said...

Now I can see pictures...I've returned to comment more. You know these are the only comments I've left ANYWHERE in MONTHS AND MONTHS, right?!?! Lova love...like I said.

So...your hair is fabulous. Your house is amazing. Way too amazing. Why aren't you doing that for a living?! Can you come do mine? I'm SERIOUS about that! Your baby bro? Mine just went to college too. I just figured out that I'm not cool anymore. I can't deal with it. And I'm worried about my mom's sanity being alone. And everything else? Pure love.


Lindsey said...

Such a fun post!! Love all the numbers :)

Jen said...

This is an amazing post!!!! So many adventures you have had! :)

Amanda said...

So glad to hear things are going good for y'all!

Mel said...

Glad that you are doing so well. Still bummed I missed you on your way through my state, but I love the update.

Based on those house pictures, I CANNOT wait to see the finished results!