Cody's Post

Cody has been taking care of me lately. I mean he always does, but more than usual. We got some news that is hard to deal with and I just have not been up to my usual wifeliness. He's been helping so much with laundry and cooking and gives me lots of back rubs. He is beyond phenomenal. He cooked rice and orange chicken (from scratch) the other night and took pictures with his new phone and told me to blog them. He hates when I brag about him but he deserves it and so much more. It was delicious and just a small part of everything he has been doing lately. I love you baby!!


Amy Juhasz said...

Looks soo yummy! Way to go Cody! Nuturing/thoughtful hubbies are the best. I don't know what the bad news is, but I hope everything is ok!

Robyn said...

Proud of you Mr. C. Love you both- praying for you!