My DIY Projects!!

I love love love all of my decor blogs I stalk. They have fantastic ideas and most are so easy for DIY and super cheap. I found this fantastic post on the DIY Show Off with a full tutorial and knew I just had to do it.

This is the post link: http://thediyshowoff.blogspot.com/2010/01/diy-chair-and-headboard-love.html

I love the look of a tufted headboard and it seemed simple enough for me to pull together. After a couple weeks of dreaming, sketching, planning, and saving, Cody and I went to purchase all of the things I needed. With the wood, foam, batting, glue, yards and yards of black vinyl (leather is scary expensive), a new electric staple gun, wire, screws, a set of upholstery needles, and leather buttons I found online, the grand total came to 117 $$.

Getting ready to start

measuring and drilling the holes took the second longest amount of time on assembling the entire thing.

foam and batting now on it

the vinyl upside down getting ready to be attached

all of the upholstery now done


buttons, buttons, buttons... the buttons took me a collective four or five hours. for fifteen buttons. it was ridiculously frustrating and my fingers are seriously raw but i love the finished look.

I used a piece of the extra wood, sanded it down, then used extra spray paint I had from the frames.

I used these stencils I got at hobby lobby

It took me a while to detach our current wood planks then attach the new headboard by myself but i did it and it looks amazing!

I love love love the way it turned out. I need to get a gloss spray to finish it off but it goes great with the way I'm redoing our room.

The room will be even more fantastic looking when my new bedding (late birthday from my lovey love) gets here. I can't wait!


Irene said...

Well done, Rachelle!!! Your headboard turned out beautiful!!! Thanks for the directions too!!! I love you too!!!!

Eric and Marie said...

That looks awesome!
I want Eric to make ours at the wood shop here. I doubt he will though lol.

Amy Juhasz said...

Love it! Great work! I want to do a tufted headboard so bad but I'm waiting until we get a king bed.