bedroom before and afters

I wish I had a super nice camera and the knowledge to edit photos to make them look all artsy. Alas, I do not and I cannot so these photos are what you get.

I just love everything about our new bedding. Don't mind the clutter on our chest or anything else you may see around the room. I found a fabulous dark aqua colored velvet pillow that sits in front of the green ones and just ties everything in so great. I'm just too lazy to go take a new picture.

I had been eyeing these lamps for a good three months before I got them. Chic and modern. Love them :)

We have this wicker chest in our room holding some extra blankets but the color had been bugging me so I painted the solid wood black by hand, taped it off, then spray painted the wicker white. I love it so much more now that it coordinates.

Cody built this chest with hooks last year and I loved having a place for our shoes in our entry in Utah but our entry is just not shaped right for it here in GA. It sits in our master bedroom and my purse hangs on it along with our keys. Inside is more storage for our summery things as well as hats and scarves and gloves. It has those two cubbies that I had searched for the perfect baskets to fit into but had had zero luck. Cody comes home and sticks his wallet, base id's, pens, ear plugs, and bits and pieces of his uniform in the cubbies. It had been bugging me so badly. I was at Hobby Lobby last week and found these perfect "antiqued" white baskets for 3 dollars each so I bought them and love them. You can no longer see Cody's jumble of Airman stuff and they go perfect with the chest because that has the antiqued look as well.

I will not even try to go into the story behind the hat boxes. It would take a zillion seconds and words can just not do justice to the absolute fiasco that it was. I had the center one originally for a couple years and eventually found matching ones at Hobby Lobby.

If this were a perfect world my room would be a lot bigger with clean white walls, beautiful wainscoting, and shining hard wood floors. Too bad its not and we're renting this house so I cannot and will not invest money into this house. For now, the mini room makeover is enough.


Eric and Marie said...

It looks awesome!!
I'm so jealous! Our bedroom is basically where all the odds and ends go.

Team Mama said...

One word to describe it, and that word would be FABULOUS! You definitely have a gift girl! Love it (and you!)