Its time for a little something different

I have been toying with the idea of having a more "specialized" blog for probably a year now. I by NO means am a specialist of any kind but there are things that I (we) have been through in the last few years that I feel I may have some things to contribute to the blogging world. Right now the only people who read this are friends and family but hopefully if someone needs help with something similar, they can find it here.

I have several identities. I am a woman. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am an aunt. I am a friend. I have so many things that make me, me but above all, I am a wife. I am an Air Force wife. I am a mommy. I don't have the pitter patter of little feet resounding through my house but I do have two beautiful, glorious little angels up in heaven watching out for me. I like the idea of of chronicling my journey in this somewhat new world, sharing my experiences, and lessons learned and maybe, just maybe I can reach out to someone.

I will be trying to reformat the look of my blog to make it fit the new purpose and will be back soon to start this new journey. Lots of love to all my dear ones.

♥ Mrs. S.

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Amy Juhasz said...

I have already always loved reading your blog, but I'm looking forward to the changes!