Cody's Birthday Post

I still don't wanna blog but I owe Cody a birthday post and he thinks blogging is good for me so here I am.

Cody's birthday consisted of me baking cupcakes, taking him lunch and a big batch of those delicious cupcakes to his shop, meeting everyone in his shop (I was flippin' nervous), Cody opening his presents, and going to din din at a delicious bbq joint here called Smoke 'N' Pig (heavenly sweet potato sufle oh my lanta), and then blowing out the candles on his own batch of cupcakes. I told him I'd blog it but I needed his five birthday words. This is what he said, "Delicious, wonderful, relaxing (the weekend was atleast), profitable, and stupendous."


Team Mama said...

Thanks for sharing his birthday with us. Missing you two lots and lots...this helps!
Love you

Katie Savvy Steele said...

The last picture looks like quite the fire hazard. Haha <3