Whatever Makes You Feel Better

We all say things to ourselves to make things seem better or sound better than they really are.

Big things. Small things.
Things that we feel are important but we downgrade them so we can move on.

We rationalize.
We barter.
We halfheartedly tell ourselves that we're okay as long as (fill in the blank).

Its a part of human nature I suppose.

On Tuesday I was drinking a Snapple and I had one of these moments.
The lid held a revelation.
Kind of.

"The average sea turtle is unable to begin reproducing until the age of 25."

I told Mr. Superman, "I guess I have another 6 months before I should let it get to me. Just call me sea turtle."

My heart's not convinced.
Whatever makes me feel better right?


Samantha said...

No cliche comment here. Just know that I'm looking forward to the day that you are blessed with pure happiness. You truly deserve it.

The Flight Crew said...

Just keep swimming and know the prayers will be answered :D

Alia said...

this makes me sad for you, but just try to remember that God has an amazing "story" written for your life!

chambanachik said...

<3 Bittersweet. Hugs to you, girly!

Jen said...

It will happen, if that comment is true I am already 2 years late.

Team Mama said...

Isaac wasn't born until Abraham and Sarai were in their 90s (I think that's what I remember). I think it will happen for you and Cody looonnnggg before then. And think of this- Cody was born when I was 33- if I'd had him when I was younger- he wouldn't have been at EAC to meet you! Reasons for everything- trust in the Plan! <3 <3 <3