See that shine??!

Well probably not but its there! The shine, my dear fellows is sweat! Ewie I know but its from a good healthy work out. Here in the apt. complex we have a free fully stocked gym and an indoor heated pool. We have as yet to utilize the pool (shaving my legs in the winter is more of like a once a week thing, and I don't currently fit into my swimsuit) but we have been using the gym. We kinda whimped out over the weekend but have come back full force. This is our second week and although it wears me out, I feel great about myself afterwards. My goal is to be healthy and 100% comfortable with and confident in myself. I am on my way!!


ginger said...

Go Rachelle! I didn't know if working out would make it past the door! i wish we had a heated pool :)

Jared and Katie Organ said...

That's so awesome! I definately miss my gym days, maybe someday when I have a car I can hit the gym again! I would love to try one of those zumba dance classes. haha. For now I guess i can push the stroller around. Oh well. Miss you guys! Hope your birthday was great!