Honey We're Home??

Well people, we did it. We moved... to Utah...
I know, I know for those who know me, you are probably laughing your heads off because ever since I was little, I have said I would never marry someone from Utah and most definitely never live in Utah. Mr. Superman himself swore he would never move back to Utah. Well, this situation just goes to show that even the best of people (haha) eat their words.
We got here on Tuesday night, in a bad snow storm, after a thirteenish hour drive and then proceeded to unload a massive 20 footer Uhaul in that snow storm. We figured if we're goin to crazy town we may as well go ALL the way. I worked about 13 hours on Wednesday and most of today getting the paint done, things hung (to Mr's great dismay) and boxes unpacked. It's almost done and having things, MY things, in their proper place and being surrounded by familiarity sure does help take the sting out of everything.
We continue to be on an avid job hunt and have managed to get Loverface one interview lined up for Monday at UPS. Everybody PLEASE pray for us. Still nothing for me but we know God will come through. He always has and always will.
I will be sure to post pictures tomorrow of our cute little home so you can pretend to be here with me. I already miss everyone like crazy but we know this is where we are needed, where we are supposed to be, and what is best for us right now. We love you all and hope all is well with you.


Renae said...

Hey, Heavenly Father will help and bless us as long as we do our part. Such as, keep the commandments(all), serve, attend all our church meetings, repent, etc. He is always willing and waiting for us to do our part, and then He will bless us. We love you and wish the best for you both. No judgement, just reminding. Remember, also to have Faith and Hope. And with fear or doubt these cannot exist. It is also time to sacrifice and truly be there for each other. Did you listen to those talk cd's? If not, make it a priority to sit and listen to both sets together. You will enjoy them, and maybe even learn something from them that you would like to apply in your lives. Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys made it and that you've been able to get unpacked. Cute background!!

Robyn said...

We're happy that you are here and I realize what a sacrifice that it was for both of you! As someone who did this (got married and moved far away from family right away) I can guarantee that it will be a growing experience for your marriage. The two of you will learn to really depend on, and trust one another more than ever. And you do have something that I didn't have- and that is a support system in place here (and not just Kevin next door!!!) We love you- Cody's sisters are thrilled that you both are here and I know that if Heavenly Father wants you here, then he will help you!
Love you both!