Some Major Catching Up

Lots and lots to catch up on. You do have my apologies right now. So much has happened and there are lots of pictures. Here we go!!
Visiting my dear Amelia. Isn't she lovely??!!
Twelve nights of Christmas with Grandma Burnham. We took her to the temple lights.
Mr. admiring his Christmas present. We opened each others gifts before jetsetting to Utah for the actual holiday.
Burnham Family FHE Christmas Party. Jalen talkin to Santa!
Just a few of my many many cousins. The lovely Lynn Burnham family sharing their musical talents.
Baby Parker
Cute girlies Jalen, Bailee Rae, and Abigail.
Abby girl!
Cutie tootie Aiden was terrified of Santa but once I showed him he'd get a candy cane, he was all for it. All Santa got was a high five and knuckles but it was enough.
Kevin and Whitney on Christmas Eve and our new neighbors!!
My love and I on Christmas Eve.
Robyn, Chris (cousin), Cassidy, and Carrie. Visiting before Christmas Eve dinner.
Mr. and I playing in Nana's backyard.
The picture doesn't do Nana's yard justice. Everything was all white and the lights made everything so sparkly. It was so pretty.
Waaaay too early on Christmas morning.
Katie and Cassidy waiting for their presents.
Us girlies right after bundling up to go play in the snow on Christmas night. Snow bunnies!!
Mr. Superman, Katie and I after The Nutcracker and dinner set out for some shopping then Temple Square.
New Year's Eve with the White's.
Dance Party!!
So smiley!
And poppers!!!
We had a blast this last December. We got to spend lots of quality time with family and the first week of January was eventful albeit very stressful. We've moved and we're here to stay. We miss you all and love you very much!!

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Millie said...

Uhhh could I look more disgusting in that picture. Puh-lease! Love you!!