Some fun pictures :)

So I finally was able to put some pictures onto my computer. Not because I finally found some batteries or my camera cord, although I did find those. My boo thang got me a new camera for my birthday!! I was badly in need of a new one and its perfect! I ran across these from our last few weeks in AZ.
We thoroughly enjoyed our last meal at our favorite place ever Pete's Fish and Chips. I eat the chicken don't worry! It's in Mesa and I introduced Cody to it on his last birthday and he instantly got hooked like me.
These are more snaps from New Years. The other ones I had to hijack from my sister.
Our last family party in AZ.
We love our Spencer!
Lunch with my mama and Grandma Burnham the day before we moved.

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Jared and Katie Organ said...

Hey woman! i just found out last night I missed your birthday! Hope it was fun for you, we sure miss having you guys around, but we are happy for you too. i love the picture of you and your dad. It is so cute! Love ya!