And so the anxiousness begins!!

Alright I am taking a break from packing and laundry to share with you all, my dear blog readers, just a few animations that illustrate our feelings. As you all have heard, Cody has been so severely anxious to get going for the last month that he nearly had me convinced to jump in the car weeks ago. Counting down and counting down... he nearly wore down my resolve.

Alas, I kept my head on straight and pushed him out the door every morning, with him dragging his feet, to go to work.

He finally stopped putting up a fight and relented on his, "let's go right now!" but I could still feel his excitement. Just like illnesses get shared, which btw I have infected poor Cody, so do our emotions. His excitement has been contagious and now, I am having a hard time staying on task. Its ridiculous. I just got done rattling off the next week or so to Millie. I have each day compartmentalized into the activities taking place on those days. Ha ha its what I do.

Today is Cody's last day of work. Saturday is when we commence war and kick our apartments butt trying to finish everything. Monday is bbq and relaxing by the pool all day. Tuesday is an AF meeting and packing the car. Wednesday is GO time!! Thursday is fun day in Vegas and Friday we arrive in ARIZONA!!!!

My poor baby has been working so hard even though he feels like poo.

So hopefully time starts to move a little quicker and Cody can go from this

to this!

On a completely different note (oh how I love tangents), I found this magazine that used to be in print. Crazy huh??

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Rylin Photography said...

Rattling off how we have a lunch date and a photoshoot 2 days in row!!!!