Up the canyon and Silver Lake

Last week Cody was sick so I made him stay in bed. He was still feelin' yucky the next day so he stayed home again and we went on a little road trip up the canyon, through the mountains and up to Silver Lake. The weather was beautiful and the river was ragin'. It was a grand day indeed. Take a gander my dear ones.

It was so nice to just get out and ENJOY being outside. It was crazy, the lake was hidden under 100+ inches of snow so that hike on the boardwalk was a NO GO but we still had a blast. The rental homes and cabins up there were all buried and funny lookin' with just their roofs pokin' out. It was around 50 degrees up there and you'd think we would've been cold with all the snow but it felt wonderful. Perfect t-shirt and jeans weather.

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Aaron said...

wow...that is awesome looking! just wait until you get back to AZ where already it is 105!!!!