This Weekend... PICTURE OVERLOAD!!


We had a busy busy week and topped it off with a busy busy weekend. I guess it wasn't all that busy, but we did lots and lots :)

We decided to switch up our workout this weekend and instead of hitting the gym on Friday and Saturday, we hiked Mount Timpanogos. It is an extremely steep trail that is only a mile and a half long but we climbed over 1000 feet on our way up. Let me tell you, I was feelin' the burn! The steepness combined with the fact that I am still hackin stuff up from my lungs and the super thin air made for a rough time but after you get to the top, there are caves up there. We went on the tour which was super cool. It got really tight and to the point where some spots we had to very nearly crawl but it was awesome. Poor Cody whacked himself on a stalagtite and has a gnarly cut on the top of his fuzzy little head now. The tour is about an hour long and then you of course have to hike (more like try not to run) down. It was a beautiful day and when we got back down we had a picnic by the river. We topped it all off with a swim in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. Here are some pictures!!

The mountain from outside the national park

on the trail!!

resting up before our cave tour

entering the cave

it was so flippin' dark in there!!

leavin' the cave

The End!!

Here are also a few more pictures of what else we have been up to. Enjoy my lovelies!!

Cinco de Mayo with Kevin and Whitney!!

On our way to the Air Force bbq. Just wanted to share my cute shirt!

Friday date night, we went to see Angels & Demons. Let me just tell you, AMAAAZING!!
My cute husband so gracefully put it, "It had more twists and turns than a Mississippi road."

isn't he so flippin' cute?!

Another thing I did this weekend was... go from black to blonde. I know I know, crazy right? WRONG MY LOVES!! I used to be blonde and loved it. I went dark cause Cody liked it. Cody came onboard for my blonde project so I did it. It was six and a half hours in a chair and I had to cut off four inches but I did it :) Its strawberry blonde, but in six weeks, after my hair has had some rehab, I will be able to get the blonde highlights i want to complete the look I was going for. Yaeee!!

I had to throw my Juno Stink Eye in there :)


Anonymous said...

Right now it looks really red. Does it look more blonde in person? Can't wait for you guys to be here. See you soon.

Jared and Katie Organ said...

How Fun! I want to go hiking! Except for the small cramped crawling spaces, that sounds horrible! I am kinda freaked out about small spaces and being stuck. Anyways, love all the pics, see you guys soon!

McGee said...

looks like tons of fun! and cute hair! i'm excited to see the finished product! your hair always looks so dang cute!

Ricky & Kara said...

That is some beautiful scenery! And WOW - talk about going on the other side of the spectrum with your hair, girl. Haha. But as usual - you look beautiful in every color!