Oh the lives we lead...

ARE SOOOO BORING! We are completely ready to blow this popsicle stand and get on our way to Vegas then Arizona baby!! Everyday Cody sighs and with a longing look in his eyes tells me of his desire to just be gone. He is ready to leave this place, begin our new adventure known as the Air Force and see my family and our beautiful nieces and nephews!! He also says he wants to play office with Jeff... silly boy.

I am starting to pack up the house this week to make things much easier in October. I am ambitious alright... Is it still called ambition when I lack the drive and determination to actually START? Who knows?

Last night Cody and I made pizookie and ate it with vanilla ice cream. Can you say Amazing?? (in a sing song voice of course)

That is it for now. Cody is sick in bed. He tried going to work after being up all night and I wouldn't allow it. He huffed and puffed at first but I think it was all for show. You know keep up the rough and tough manly exterior... I'm sure all your husbands do it.

That's all folks!


Robyn said...

We're not ready for you to leave though!

Ricky & Kara said...

They always act so much tougher than they are!