Getting good at crying. Oh wait I am already a Pro!!

SAD FREAKING DAYS OF MY LIFE. On Saturday I dropped Cody off at the airport and that was the last hug and kiss I will be getting from him until late August. Man 9 weeks is a loooong time. I have been able to talk on the phone with him and video chat at night but that ends tomorrow when he is officially at Basic. So tomorrow also marks the beginning of my official P90X. I have done it a few times but tomorrow is when I will weigh in and do my measurements. According to my body index profile thing my healthy and maintainable weight for 5'8" is 135 lbs. I don't have much to lose but I am really going to work on dropping inches and toning the heck outta of thighs. LOL. I am also on a major job hunt with nothin' yet so if you or anyone you know have leads let me know!!


Robyn said...

Did you check with your stake employment specialist? This month's Ensign has some good tips and that was one of them. I'm keeping you in my prayers!!!
<3 <3 <3

McGee said...

U of P is always hiring.

we need to have lunch!