It has begun

Just an update and a few heads up about Cody. He left AZ on Saturday and flew back to UT. I was so glad to have a kind of "transition period" where we still were able to speak and we even got to video chat rather than our whole communication suddenly being gone. He left Monday morning for MEPS to do his final swear in and finish up his paperwork. He along with the 4 other UT recruits took a cab to the UT airport and got there about 12:30 UT time. Their flight didn't leave until 4:30 so they had four hours of just hangin out. They left from SLC and landed in Dallas 35 minutes early at about 7:50 and grabbed their last good dinner before getting on their connection flight to San Antonio. He said about 20 other recruits met up with them in Dallas so it got to be a pretty good sized group. I spoke to him for about five minutes before they all went to the AF reserved room to wait to be picked up. I felt so bad for them all though because everyone else was getting into Basic throughout the day but they didn't get there until well after midnight then all had to check in and still wake up at 4:45 with everyone else. When I finally felt like I could fall asleep it was a little after 2 AM here so just a few minutes before Cody was having to wake up in Texas. So it has begun dear ones. My first and longest countdown. 59 days today until I get to see my love's face again.

Cody let me know he would love letters but he wants everyone to just send them to his email. codydsteele@gmail.com He doesn't want a ton of envelopes and letters coming in separately so he thought if everyone who wished to write him would just email him, then probably every five days or so I will print them all off and mail them all together.

Also he is planning on keeping short journal entries and mailing those home when he gets the chance and then I will post them on here so everyone can kinda see what he does and how things are going. I should be getting one last phone call from him on either Saturday or Sunday. Just a short 60 second one to say he got there safe. After that its all up to his TI (training instructor) as to whether or not he gets any more phone calls, when there are, how long they can be, etc.

That's it. I just wanted to fill everyone in.

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Robyn said...

Thanks for posting this- I'll check it every day or so for updates. It is good to know that he got there safe- even if it was after midnight! You'd think they could've got them on an earlier flight...that's the military for you.
Love you <3