Here we are yet again...

I hate playing catch up. I really do but it was time. I have been so out of it lately, just not wanting to do anything let alone upload photos for what seems like hours. Cody let me know the other night, "I took the liberty of uploading all the pictures from our camera so you have some blogging to do missy." So, here we are!

These are all from our night out with Cody's cousin Whitney a couple days before we took off from UT. We went up to Park City for dinner (which was amazing) and some shopping. Of course the night wouldn't have been complete without some amazing truffles so we just had to indulge. We had a blast.

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Kara said...

Clay and I went to Park City for our first wedding anniversary last year, and I tried to get him to sit next to that bear so I could take a picture, but he refused! Haha... Park City is a cool place.