Here we go again!

We'll kick this post off with a photo. Why? Because I have tons of them. Mr. Airman First Class and I at the Community Center last weekend.

Hopefully this will be the last semi-over due large update post and I can return to my blogger roots. Hopefully.

Well the day, or rather evening, that I got back from San Antonio I started throwing things into boxes and suit cases but was so exhausted I quit and just went to bed. I woke up early, continued to pack, picked Kimmy up from the airport (she flew to AZ so she could drive with me to TX), finished packing, then we gassed up, prayed, and drove.


It was lots of fun. It was lots of stress. It was pretty awful towards the end. We did have a pretty huge (ginormous) scare when just a little while after the New Mexico border, we encountered not one, but TWO tornadoes. We were freaking terrified I'm not going to lie. We had been watching this monumental storm building up for at least three hours then out of nowhere we see these two black clouds touch the ground and start spinning. Ha Ha, um... they weren't clouds. We hit this strip of the highway where cops had everyone pulled over. I about peed my pantalones. I can laugh at it now but man oh man I was a mess. Kimmy got some pictures but she is not here at the moment. I will have to get those posted. It was a super long drive and we stopped twice to try to get some sleep. I slept for maybe an hour total. I was so exhausted by the end of that drive. We didn't sleep when we got into Wichita Falls though. We got a shower and started apartment hunting. We were praying like crazy that we would get approved for this certain one because it was the nicest, cheapest, and best one suited for us. That was nerve racking but we got it in the end and moved all our stuff in before freshening up and heading to base to see our Airmen!! It was fantastic to see Cody again. We just talked for hours then he had to head in for curfew. The next few days were spent unpacking and seeing Cody as much as possible.

Now here is the rundown on Tech School. It's going really good so far. Cody aces all four quizzes every night and did his first test with no issue but that's not a surprise at all. He wasn't supposed to start classes until the 16th but started early. He did get stuck on swing shift though so that's a bummer. On Mondays and Fridays I get to see him from about 11 am to 4 pm and on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I get to see him just for 2 hours because those are his PT (workout) days and he has class Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 1:30 am. Weekends will be different because he won't be stuck on any details and he won't have class so I get him pretty much all day and up until tonight his curfew on weekends had been 10 pm. There are 3 phases in Tech School. Cody phased up tonight so he is now Phase two. Phase 1 he had to wear his ABU's all day and had an early curfew and just not a whole lot of respect. Phase 2 is where he can leave base with me, start driving, wear civilian clothes when not on duty and his curfew for weekends goes to midnight. Everything is a little different for him since he is night shift. Phase 3 is when he can stay the weekends with me and that starts sometime during the first week in October.

I've looked for babysitting stuff but there isn't much at all in the way of that. I am applying to a few places on Base but we'll see. I am also going to start donating plasma this week. That should bring in a good amount of extra cash every week. I figured, "Hey I don't mind getting stuck with needles so I may as well get paid for it right?" There is church on base but everything with the Military is non-denominational so there are just two standard chapels and the different churches meet there when its their turn. Its odd but good.

Here are a myriad of pictures. Enjoy!

Beautiful sunrise coming into Texas

Its so weird to see nothing but flatlands all the way to the horizon.

More nothingness.

Driving off base the other day there was a gorgeous sunset (nothing comparable to AZ of course)

Attempt number two at catching it. FAIL.FAIL.FAIL.

Cody's angry face. Ha ha he hates pictures.

His even skinner chicken legs. Cute right? :)

His paparazzi block

Sideways glance. I cannot get over how physically different he is. So flippin skinny!!

Clueless? Nah, he's Mr. ASVAB 99.

The last 3 days have been sunless. I.LOVE.IT. The clouds are thick, low, and fast. Black and gray are the skies colors of choice and the rain has been completely and totally endless. LOVE! This picture doesn't even capture it.

More of the same.

Ha he is actually really irritated in this picture. Probably moreso when he sees that I posted it.

The North Texas State Hospital resides just a mile down the road from me. Ha ha scary!!

Yay for genuine smiles!! *sarcasm*

Cody's BCG's aka birth control glasses. These are standard issue for PT and other hardcore training for BMT. Sexy much? Also present is Cody's downs syndrome face. He enjoys making that one.

These are his beautiful gas mask inserts aka frog man glasses.

Standard car photo.

Jenga in the library. Ha ha, the things we did to stay occupied on base. This is me demonstrating my master skills. Cody kept begging me to just let him give up because he was scared of it crashing down.

My new brown hair! Cody picked the color. My blonde was really grown out so it was time to give it up until we can afford extras like pretty hair. Ignore Cody's creepy face.

Here we go! A good smile at last! It was freezing and rainy so we had to pull out our hoodies. We love our hoodies.

So my battery died like 3 or 4 days ago. AWFUL. Every time we went to drive we'd have to hook up to Kimmy's car and jump start it. The very first time though, we jumped it and went driving for about an hour to try to recharge it. Just wanted to try everything before going in for a new one. We were on a main road and I see this flash of color in the pouring rain. I follow the road and this is what we see. I threw up a little in my mouth. EWIE.

Last but not least, finally a Steele Family 2009 photo. This is from like 3 weeks after my March surgery. Cody and I both look so different now. Crazy!!


Robyn said...

Yay for your blog. Did you get the rest of the pictures I emailed to you? Good to hear that you're able to spend time together. Miss you both. A Lot! Took boxes to your apartment yesterday. Missed you a lot when I went in to drop them off! Love you!

Ricky & Kara said...

Very cute girl. I love looking at all your pics.