Well, I'm back! For about 8 more hours then I am off to Texas again. Its been a whirlwind week full of decisions and craziness but it has been spectacular. I was reunited with the love of my life and got to spend every moment possible with him. He is truly extraordinary. I didn't recognize him when I first saw him because he is so skinny! He lost a little over 30 lbs and dropped quite a few inches off of his waist. He is smaller than when we met. He looked fantastic though and this week/weekend is truly one we will put down in our personal history books. I will be sure to fully update and post all about the trip once I get settled in Texas. Nope, I wasn't kidding. I really am moving there. Today. Ahhh!!

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Jared and Katie Organ said...

What!!!!!!! You are moving!?? Crazy. Sounds pretty exciting though. Happy for you girly.