Facebook Funnies

This glorious little gem is courtesy of Steph from Watching Airplanes. Funny, ridiculous, or strange Facebook statuses you see. Please join in!

 Amen sister!

 Um... okay?

 If they are eliminating freaking, what does that say about me and my Bible swear words?
 Sometimes I feel like that too. When I say sometimes, I mean most days.

Will do El Capitan

 Especially since you posted that thought on Facebook.
                                                "Be the kind of adult you want your kids to turn out to 
                                                 be." I made up the quote while watching Real Housewives of Beverly 
                                                 Hills. HA!

I can't say much to make this one any better. Pretty funny.

What the H?


Katie said...

I just said a little "Thank you sweet baby Jesus!" that none of my statuses made the list! :)


C said...

Have you heard of textsfromlastnight.com?
If you have a sick sense of humor (like I do) it's hilarious...

Samantha said...

Chiptole should deliver. I'd gain about 800 pounds for Chipotle anyday. Yes ma'am, I sure would!

Steph said...

OMG! That last one is just nuts. Thanks for linking up!

Amanda said...

hahahaha! so funny!!!

ines said...

too funny!

BryceandWhit said...

Funny funny! I needed that today. thanks love!

AbbeyG said...

The Red Bull and Hugs status totally described me.. I want to actually use that one!! lol is that horrible?