I'm Calling a Time-Out

Way too much going on and not nearly enough time or brain space to figure it all out. 

All I know is


kelsey lauren said...

can't wait to hear from you.. but as for now, keep on grinding. you'll get through whatever craziness you're going through soon!

UrkaLynne said...

I feel this. I feel like the more I try to get ahead and get a routine, the more I actually get behind. I've got so much going on right now, that really doesn't amount to alot, but it feels like I'm struggling to stay ahead. Sigh!

Team Mama said...

I keep thinking...if I can just get through this week with the multitude of concerts, meetings, baking 22 loaves of bread (or more) for gifts, etc etc etc. But then, that's the fun of Christmas for me! And I have Christmas breakfast here for the multitude of family so I have to start thinking about feeding the masses and what I can do in advance. It's great! Miss you!

Beka said...

Eh, almost the same here.
Thrifting...hmmm...that would sound super-good if I had a place of my own:)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

me too!

ANything but going through what we are going through..