Because There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Harry Potter: The Magic Begins

A week or so ago, I was trying to come up with something that would make blogging more fun for me. Something I could talk about and/or share in more than one post since I have had zero motivation to talk about anything real in the last couple months.

Then it hit me like a lightning bolt shaped scar. Harry Potter. 

For those who know me even relatively well, you know that I am a Harry Potter fiend. I love everything about the books, the movies, the whole Harry Potter culture... Everything. I grew up in the Harry Potter era but didn't really start to appreciate it fully until a couple years ago after Mr. Superman sucked me in.

I can NEVER get sick of the movies and the 7 times I've driven across the country in the last two years have been made much less sucky because I have all 7 books downloaded on my ipod. Amazing.

I even have a pin board dedicated to the incredibility that is HP on Pinterest.

Now that I have sufficiently exposed my nerdiness and let the Crookshanks out of the bag that I am indeed a Potterhead, lets delve in. 

I didn't share enough amazingness with you?!

Well for you HP skeptics, I didn't want to overload your brain so rather than swan diving in or full on cannon balling our way through this HP introduction, we just dipped our toe in the feel it out.

Stay tuned for more because as the ever so wise and eloquent JG told me,

"Harry Potter makes life suck less."


Anonymous said...


I love Harry Potter. I love you so much more now that I know you are as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am! Great post, can't wait to read more :)

Erinn said...

I'm so glad I started following you today. Harry Potter does indeed make life suck less and like you, I am a FEIND for HP. I seriously could talk forever about how it has affected my childhood and when the final movie ended how I felt a little piece of my inner child sneak away.
I'm so glad to have known the magic of Hogwarts and Harry Potter.

Sarah said...

Ah, Harry Potter!!! I need to get back to reading the books. =P I've been seriously slacking in the reading department since Joe got home.

Skinnie Piggie said...

I want to go to the theme park... too bad I live in the middle of the pacific ocean now! I wish I'd had time when we lived on the East Coast.

JG said...

You quoted me! I'm so honored! :)

And yes, that's our favorite catchphrase. When SoldierMan sees me with a Harry Potter book, he always asks, "Does life suck right now?" :)

Allie said...

I love love love Harry Potter!!! <3 Books and movies both... but the books a bit more ;) I am dying to go to Harry Potter world!

Team Mama said...

As you well know, we are definitely Potterheads around this house. We are to the point where if there is nothing on the 500 or so cable channels we get (which is most of the time!) we'll put in a HP movie again. I never get tired of them. And now all 3 of your SIL are involved in "Pottermore" and have been sorted into different houses. Thanks to your friend JG- I agree that HP really does make life suck less!!! One of the best memories- (ask Cody) Grandpa as Dumbledore on the houseboat at Lake Powell during our HP theme day! (Cody was a Slytherin- go figure!) It was great!!!

Erin said...

I'm such a HP nerd it's not even funny!!!!!

I look forward to your posts about it!

HP does make life suck less. Maybe it's time I re-read them for the millionth time. I could used a little magic in my life right now. :)

Hugs to you too!

Oh, and is this going to be an interactive thing? Like a link up type deal? I don't usually do those, but that is one I could get behind. :)