You Know, Because My Lady Bits Don't Work

I'm having surgery.
In a few hours.

I wasn't going to tell anyone, then I thought, "You weren't going to tell anyone about your tumors either, but then you did, you got thousands of prayers, and you have amazed doctors" so, I'm telling you.

I'm having surgery.
In a few hours.
Pray okay?
Not so much for me, because I am honestly, one hundred thousand percent okay, but for Mr. Superman.
He gets nervous.
He sits there.
For a minimum of 8 hours.
In uncomfortable hospital chairs, where its cold.
Sure, he has his phone, and his laptop, and his thoughts...
Its those last ones that get him in trouble.
So, pray for him.
Thanks Lovelies.
As always, you're the very best.


Skinnie Piggie said...

Praying chickadee!!!

No Model Lady said...

Yes, you must tell us!! Did you not know that I am the Queen of saying the wrong thing in the wrong situation because of some niblet of info I wasn't privy to?! So, you gotta keep me in the loop so I don't say something dumb. ♥ You guys rock! Good luck today!!!!

Kara said...

We gotcha covered!

Kaylee said...

Praying for you!

JG said...

Praying for you all, Sweetie.

Mrs.B said...


Allie said...

Praying away!

Jessica said...

Many prayers coming to you and your husband!

The Mrs. said...

Lots of prayers going your way, girl!

Chantal said...

You two will be in my thoughts!

chambanachik said...

Hope everything goes well!

Team Mama said...

He's tougher than you think... but praying for both of you anyway and will be there SUNDAY to see you and help out!!! Sorry for your surgery- you know that- but I am very happy to be coming to see you and see you for a week!!!

Enid-a-bean said...

I will be praying for your hubby and of course for you. Even tho you and all of us know that you will be alright. <3<3<3